Galaxy Z Fold 6 will Bring Major Design Change: Report

Samsung launched its Foldable mobile in early 2019, still dominating the Foldable smartphone market. Being a top manufacturer in the Foldable mobile field, it also focuses on innovative features and design. We can say the motto of Samsung is adapting the new into its Galaxy world and providing the best user experience. Introducing the Flip and Fold design among fans, Samsung changes the definition of a smartphone, providing a futuristic experience to its users.

In each Foldable smartphone launch, we see that Samsung has included advanced features and more improvements than its earlier version. You can expect new enhancements and a better user experience. For example, you can see Galaxy Z fold becomes lighter and smoother in terms of folding or flipping.

Samsung will soon bring its fifth-generation Foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 5, to the market. But here is another leak on Twitter alarming Samsung lovers. One of the tech-savvy Twitter users, REVEGNUS, shared in his tweet the significant changes in Foldable design in Samsung’s upcoming Z Fold 6. In his tweet, Revegnus mentions that the current form factor of foldable phones lasts for the fifth generation Galaxy Z Fold 5. And major changes will come in the form factor for the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Continuing his tweet, he suggests waiting for Z Fold 6 rather than buying Z Fold 5.

Analyzing the tweet, with the word “form factor,” Revegnus probably means the design changes in size, shape, and material. Or it might be the way folding design works in Samsung phones.

However, the leak makes it unclear what changes to come in Foldable designs. But it might hint that significant changes are coming with foldable Galaxy Z Fold 6 phones.

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