Galaxy XCover 5 Loss Camera AutoFocus After One UI 6.0 (Android 14) Update

Finally, the April update brought One UI 6.0 for the robust Galaxy XCover5. This update, however, brought issues with them for the sturdy phone. From the problem reported by the user, it is known the primary camera autofocus is not working.

Noticeably, it became a huge issue for users as the Main camera is not only for shooting video or capturing images. It also serves the purpose of scanning payment codes, hindering day-to-day work.

Per the complaint raised in the Samsung Community forum, users have a problem with the X Cover 5 primary camera. After the update, most users reported having blurred images while capturing images from the primary camera. Cannot scan QR Codes for restaurant bills, warehouses, hospitals, traveling tickets, etc. The primary camera loses the ability to focus. It seems the update meshed up with the primary camera of the XCover 5.

Initially, users thought their phone camera lens had the issue. Users Rub them and use magnets to bring back the focus. Even the user commented on using the third-party camera app, but nothing works. Finally, the issue raised in the forum confirmed the problem is with multiple users due to UI updates.

XCOVER5 autofocus Issue and REPLIES
Credit: Samsung Community Report

No Need to panic! It’s not the first time Samsung has had an issue after the update. Users in the report also share the problem that had been discussed with Samsung Service Care. And already, it was mentioned in the comment that the company is working on the fixes. However, when the solution will be provided is uncertain.

The Xcover is mostly in demand for its rugged nature and ability to withstand rough environments. The device serves the fruitful purpose of being rugged with a long-lasting battery and protection from hazardous environments with the IP rating. The phone came out of the box with Android 11 base One UI 5.1. Recently, the phone got updated to Android 14 based on One UI 6.0.

Samsung, however, has not officially acknowledged the issue. Hopefully, the phone receive an update to resolve the issue soon. Meanwhile, keep following Saminsider for any latest updates. Stay tuned!

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