Galaxy Watch will get Galaxy AI features in the future

Galaxy AI was introduced at Galaxy Unpacked in January 2024. The first phones to get it are the S24 lineup. Eventually, the entire S23 series of phones will also get these features with the One UI 6.1 update in March or April 2024. Galaxy AI is mostly based on Google’s Gemini Model and is free to use now. Some AI features are on-device (offline), and others are cloud-based (online).

Samsung is apparently planning to bring multiple Galaxy AI features to the Galaxy Watch as well. They’ll eventually bring these features to other device categories, including their wearable products. Samsung tablets will get it soon; the Tab S9 is first in line.

TM Roh says that Samsung aims to port Galaxy AI features to other categories to enhance people’s digital health. The exact quote is, “To unlock a whole new era of expanded, intelligent health experiences.”

Galaxy Watch 6
Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung will collaborate with AI partners, such as Google and potentially Open AI, to bring multiple improvements to their AI models. Samsung did not disclose which features will make it to the wearable products. The Summarize feature is helpful, and the live translation of calls and texts is also useful.

We might get some of these new features with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series. This will launch at the next Galaxy Unpacked event in Q3 2024. We also expect the upcoming wearable Galaxy Ring to have some Galaxy AI features.

AI will help provide direct answers to users’ questions and massively improve voice commands. Dictation and the virtual assistant will get much better with Galaxy AI. Samsung will apparently improve all these AI features and add them to many devices in their lineup in the future. They are very much part of the new AI revolution.

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