Galaxy S24 Ultra Users Report Camera Shift Issue When Zooming

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has one of the most versatile zoom setups on the phone. Reviews praised Samsung for improving the overall speed of the camera app drastically. The transition between multiple lenses is also incredible. The way the lenses smoothly switch from the 0.6X ultrawide to the 23mm 1X lens to the 3X and the 5X- the execution is perfect on most units.

However, some users are complaining on Twitter about Samsung’s camera shift issue. When shifting from multiple magnifications, the image randomly jitters, and the field of view totally changes. The same user complains that portraits are rather grainy and that 5X and 10X images in auto mode are very noisy.

The images taken reflect this issue perfectly. The field of view doesn’t match at all between the lenses. The problem is not on store units. It’s a problem with some batches of consumer units, which is disappointing. Samsung didn’t perform proper quality checks with the S24 Ultra since such camera shift issues can completely ruin the photos. The user has attached images of subjects that are completely out of focus, and are lacking details as a result.

It gets worse since the service center has allegedly denied the issue initially. Later, they admitted that the device was faulty, and they’re also urging the user to delete the posts on X since they don’t want more people to find out that there are many Quality Control issues with the S24 Ultra. There are also reports of multiple banding issues and the phone going haywire with focusing.

Credit: X@smasithick

Workarounds like turning the Auto-Lens Switching feature off and on, resetting the camera assistant and camera settings, etc, do not help. Turning this feature off helps with it to an extent, but it’s still not as smooth as it should be.

This is allegedly an issue with an initial batch of units. It’s not a problem on later units. If you try to focus on closer subjects, the issue is very relevant. Since Samsung confirmed that it’s a problem with the initial batch, they’ll also replace all the units affected. This is apparently not a software issue but a problem with the lenses themselves. There are multiple issues with the transition of lenses in the Samsung community. The viewfinder erratically shifts, and the switch is not natural.

However, some claim that it’s a physical characteristic. Lenses have different focal lengths and aperture values. They are also in different positions on the phone. A minor shift when you move from one lens to another is fairly normal. However, some allege that the transition can be made smoother with software. In the end, this is probably a non-issue. Whatever the problem is, we hope Samsung addresses it properly soon.

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