Some Galaxy S23 Owners Report Fingerprint Sensor Issue After One UI 6.1 Update

Samsung flagships come with an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner made by Qualcomm. This type of fingerprint scanner works even with wet fingers. However, One UI 6.1 on the Galaxy S23 series has unfortunately introduced a new bug for the fingerprint scanner.

Users of the S23 and S23 Ultra on Reddit and Twitter (via @tarunvats33) have reported that the fingerprint scanner doesn’t register their input on the first try and have to re-input their finger on the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone.

An affected S23 Ultra user on Reddit reported that when the phone is on the lockscreen, the fingerprint animation re-appears when applying input. Still, it doesn’t unlock, so the user must touch the fingerprint icon again to unlock the phone.

Report Fingerprint Sensor s23

It is reported that this fingerprint lag issue happens occasionally and not every time. However, fingerprint recognition is slow for 1-2 seconds, causing concerns and errors with fingerprint recognition on affected Samsung phones when it should work reliably as expected.

Report Fingerprint Sensor s23 device

Some users on Reddit in the replies have tried to offer solutions such as rebooting the phone or deleting and then re-registering the fingerprints on the affected phones, but we don’t know yet if that fixes the issue.

Moreover, this issue does not affect every Galaxy S23 series phone running One UI 6.1. As per the replies on the Twitter post, a small number of users are affected by this issue, with most Galaxy S23 series users not having it.

So far, Samsung has not clarified this issue and when it will be fixed, but we hope they can address it soon.

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