Samsung Improves Galaxy S24 Camera in April 2024 Update

The Galaxy S24 series has started receiving the April 2024 security update in record time, and the major highlight is camera improvements. There were many problems with the camera system of the S24 at launch, like exposure balance and some processing inconsistencies. Samsung has already released one of the major camera updates before, and this is the second one to refine the camera performance even further.

More specifically, this update focuses on white balance consistency. When taking photos, white balance refers to the camera being able to capture the proper color temperature of the ambiance. If the processing makes it too warm (yellow tint) or too cool (bluish tint), then the white balance is inaccurate. Samsung is addressing this problem with the latest update.

Another improvement is to the exposure control. There are many metrics that play a role in exposure control. Apart from the processing of the photo itself, it’s also important to balance the shutter speed/ capture time and ISO to get even exposure throughout the image. If the sensor gets too much light, where it’s unnecessary, the image will look too bright or be overexposed. If it gets too little, it’ll look underexposed with dark shadows, have poor details, and look dark. As a byproduct of improvements to exposure control, this update will also improve the HDR of the phone since better exposure will result in less highlight clipping and shadow crush.

S24 Camera in April 2024 Update

The update also includes better overall stabilization and better low-light photo processing. Image processing can now specifically identify texts when you zoom in and enhance those texts to make them look more legible. Samsung has also made some improvements to the Expert RAW mode in terms of overall color accuracy.

As promised before, the update brings support for the instant slow-motion video feature, even to 480P videos. Earlier, this Galaxy AI feature was only for 720P and above.

The update is currently out in South Korea, India, Europe, and the US. Other regions should get it soon, within the next week. Updates depend on your carrier and region, and it’s a staged rollout. The size of the update is between 600MB and 900MB. To check for updates, you go to the Settings app.

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