Samsung Expert RAW app to Introduce “AstroPortrait” Mode

Samsung plans to improve the photography experience of its flagship phones with new features. Soon, we might see the AstroPortrait mode making it into public builds. It’s worth noting, however, that just because a feature shows up as in-progress code doesn’t mean it will make it to the final version.

Via a new leak from Android Authority, Samsung’s Expert RAW app on their flagships could soon bring an Astro Portrait mode. It has not officially been announced yet, and we expect it soon with a future update. If someone wants to take astrophotography with a person in the foreground, Samsung will let you do that with their 10X lens on the S23 Ultra and the 5X on the S24 Ultra. They might even bring to the other models with a telephoto lens.

The leaked code is from the Expert RAW app. It’s exclusively for Samsung’s flagship phones. It greatly assists in taking advantage of the hardware on Samsung phones. On the app’s latest version, multiple references point to AstroPortrait mode. Depending on the name and strings, you can identify what it does.

Leaked code snippets
Leaked code snippets (via Android Authority) 

Via the third string, we can tell that it assists with astrophotography. If the framing and composition of your photo are in such a way that the person is in the frame with the night sky behind, it’ll blend into a portrait mode shot with the astrophotography effect. Tapping the shutter button and exiting the frame once the flash goes off should create this new portrait. The last two lines indicate that the feature will make its way into the labs’ section of the Expert RAW application.

This isn’t the first time a company has tried such a photography style. The Vivo X100 Pro had nearly identical Astro Portrait mode. It creates a portrait mode shot out of a night sky photo. There’s a chance that Samsung is similar to this, and they might implement it better as well.

The Z Fold 6 is coming soon, around July 2024. We expect Samsung to debut this feature simultaneously as the Galaxy Unpacked event.

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