How to Enable ND Filter in Samsung Expert RAW Camera App

If you are a pro at capturing still images, you will love Samsung’s latest Expert Raw Camera App update. In their recent update, Samsung has included Neutral Density (ND) Filter as an experimental tool, which means it is in the developmental phase.

Samsung has released a new update for the Expert RAW camera app, bringing it to version Users can get the Expert RAW update directly from the Galaxy Store on their Samsung devices. The update can also be downloaded from third-party apk stores if desired.

To enable the ND filter in the Samsung Expert RAW camera app, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Expert Raw Camera App.
  • Navigate to the More option (Three vertical Dots).
  • Select the “Labs” option (Since it is an experimental tool, you must navigate to the Expert Raw Lab section.).
  • Enable the Neutral Density Filter.

Latest EXPERT RAWs Neutral Density Filter

About the Neutral Density Filter:

In simple words, it¬†blocks out most of the light that reaches the camera lens. It acts as a sunglass to filter the intense light. While capturing an image, it’s been a great disadvantage even after processing the Raw Image. Therefore, the ND filter is handy as it eliminates the lights coming out from the view you are about to click, giving a clear still image.

You can observe the ND filter at the top of the quick access tool in the ER Camera App. Select it while capturing the high-exposure image. It will absorb the excess light, reducing the exposure depending on the strength selected. Yes, you can set the strength of the ND filter from 2 stops to 1000 stops.

The Expert Raw Camera app is already useful for any pro-level users. However, the normal camera app has a pro camera setup feature. But you can edit the raw images clicked by Expert Raw to an extreme level compared to normal JPEG clicks. And the recent update gives extra weightage to the camera app.

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