One UI 6.1 Quick Panel Issue Fix is Coming Soon

Samsung One UI 6.1 Update brings issues with the flagship Galaxy Devices. Among most of the problems with One UI 6.1, the quick panel issue is annoying as it interrupts the notifications you intend to look at.

After a while, Samsung finally acknowledged the panel issue and promised a fix in their upcoming updates.

As reported, the Quick Panel issue was caused after the One UI 6.1 Update. While about to open a notification, Galaxy users unintentionally opened the quick panel. This could be not very pleasant to hear.

One of the active tipsters, @TarunVats, shared a screenshot in his tweet showing that Samsung has finally acknowledged the annoying issue. As usual, the solution to the problem will be covered in the next update. One of the Samsung moderators confirmed the release of the improved software variant as soon as possible.

However, it was not predictable when the solution would be provided. Although the list of issues was not long, Samsung needed enough time to tackle them.

For instance, the touchscreen issues, fingerprint sensor issues, heating issues, slow charging issues, etc., were the earlier issues faced by Galaxy users. And so far, users have waited long enough for the updates.

Since the moderator has confirmed that the issue will be addressed with the next update, it is better to keep looking for the latest update. In the meantime, you can navigate to your settings> Software Update> Download and Install. It will check if there is any latest update available.

It’s unfortunate to have issues with the device after the update. Any latest developments in this regard will be notified in Saminsider. Stay tuned!

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