Is Your Galaxy Phone Experiencing Slow Charging After One UI 6.1 Update?

One UI 6.1 is rolling out for the last-generation Galaxy devices in most regions. Per the report and various tips, the March update has rolled out for devices like the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series. However, the update brings several issues with them, and the recent report was the slowest wattage charging speed. Does your updated S23 show a similar issue? Should You be concerned about it? Let’s understand it.

The Galaxy S23 series received Galaxy AI features with One UI 6.1, similar to the S24. Galaxy Users tried the new skin update and experienced the features. Feedback on the community forum and other social media platforms was already full of issues related to the update. Recently, issues have been reported regarding the absence of features like AOD fullscreen wallpaper after the update in the S23 series. The battery drain issue also arose after the update, and now, the current issue we’re focusing on is whether the One UI 6.1 update is causing slow charging for Galaxy phones.

The current issue was revealed on the X platform by tipster @theonecid. The tipster mentioned users from the community forum who noticed lower charging power in a third-party app. The shared screenshot shows the S23 ultra device charging at a 15-watt speed even using a 25W brick. It is, however, unknown for now why the device was restricted to 15W speed.

However, similar testing was conducted by various other users using a similar app, who shared their screenshots. The results show no abnormality in the charging speed. Besides, one of the users, in reply to the issue, shared that the S23 base variant is working fine after the update.

Screen shoot of charging speed in S23 after the one UIi 6
Image Credit: X Users & Samsung

Tipster Tarun Vats also raised the question, and user replies confirm some are experiencing this issue. You can check for replies where multiple users have given mixed responses.

Should you be concerned about it? No, You should not! Since this is not a hardware-related issue, it can be solved if you are facing one. Most users in the reply say there is no time difference when loading the device to full charge. It should not be a concern as long as it does not take much time, regardless of the speed. Moreover, One UI 6.1 was tipped with an exclusive adaptive charging touch to protect the battery.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S23+ variant uses the 45-watt wired brick. The S23 base variant uses 25 outlets. So, if you are not using the original charger, you might have such a response in the third-party app. Even the original charger might show such a charging rate over the period. So you need to change the charging outlet and get the original or a new one.

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