Galaxy Z Fold 6 marketing color names and storage options leaked

Samsung’s new foldables are looming over the horizon, and their global launch is getting closer. This is widely expected to be the year of the company’s Ultra foldable, alongside the standard Z Fold 6 and the clamshell Z Flip 6.

Earlier, we reported on the reveal of the Galaxy Z Flip 6’s color options and storage variants, and the same source reveals the exact details for the bigger Galaxy Z Fold 6.

According to the reliable source Ross Young (via @DSCCRoss on X/Twitter), Samsung is planning five color options for the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

These colors are as follows: Navy, Light Pink, Silver Shadow, Crafted Black, and White.

Z Fold 6 marketing color

There are two things to note about the color options:

  • A few of the colors have been renamed. The Dark Blue color is now called “Navy,” and the Silver color is now called “Silver Shadow.” These could very well be the final marketing names for these color options.
  • The Crafted Black and White are said to be the “low volume colors,” meaning they will be made in limited units, most likely exclusive to Samsung’s online store.

It is to be noted that the predecessor, Galaxy Z Fold 5, also came in five color options.

Furthermore, the same source in another post (via @DSCCRoss on X/Twitter) revealed the Galaxy Z Fold 6 storage options, which are expected to be the same as its predecessor.

storage options

This means three storage options: a base 256 GB variant, a mid-spec 512 GB variant, and the highest-end 1 TB option. Expect the storage to be the same UFS 4.0 type as the Z Fold 5.

Apart from these changes and the new color options, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to be another minor refresh of the Z Fold 5, carrying the same cameras and 25W charging speed. Samsung may save up all the upgrades for the rumored Z Fold 6 Ultra instead.

Expect the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to launch alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6, the rumored Z Fold 6 Ultra, and the new Galaxy Ring at a Galaxy Unpacked event rumored to be scheduled for July 2024.

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