Samsung to Introduce Q Series Model Numbers for Galaxy Ring

In January, Samsung already teased the Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event, which also introduced the S24 lineup of phones. The teaser merely showed the ring’s design, and it was a stunning metallic ring with a couple of sensors inside it. It looks futuristic. Now, we have more information about the product’s model number and naming.

According to a report from Galaxy Club, Samsung will launch a new Q series of products for the upcoming Galaxy Ring. There are already a fair bit of leaks about the Galaxy Ring. It’s a new product category for Samsung, primarily focusing on health and fitness tracking. It’s significantly better for sleep tracking since many people find smartwatches uncomfortable to wear during sleep. Additionally, smartwatches typically don’t have very good battery life, so they are generally charged at night, and many people miss out on the sleep-tracking features.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watches and Galaxy Buds share the SM-R prefix for their model numbers. The model number of the Galaxy Buds is SM-R510. For the Galaxy Watch 6 40mm version, the model number is SM-R930. This SM-R prefix is consistent across all of Samsung’s wearable products.

However, the Galaxy Ring will not use the same prefix. It’s getting a new model number, and Samsung allegedly calls it SM-Q. The report doesn’t specify why Samsung is using the Q prefix instead, and it doesn’t hold any relevance or significant meaning from a cursory glance.

The report also reveals that Samsung is calling the Galaxy Ring the SM-Q500. We also cannot determine the meaning behind the 500 number here. For now, there’s no information behind the meaning of these numbers and the letter Q.

The software and overall firmware of the Galaxy Ring are not remotely similar to those of the Watch OS (One UI Watch) or Android. It’s a different firmware, and it has separate corresponding country codes as well. In Europe, the firmware won’t start with the EUX Country Code. There are a bunch of codes, like EUA, EUB, EUC, EUD, EUE, and finally EUF for Europe. For other markets, the codes are XAR and ASA.

We expect Samsung to officially launch the Galaxy Ring in July, with the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. This is at the Galaxy Unpacked July event.

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