When will Galaxy A53 and A73 get One UI 6 (Android 14)?

Samsung Electronics delivered flagship-like features to the midrange A series phones Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73. The phone outshines the smartphone market with the OIS Camera of 64MP and 108 MP. Nothing less is expected by Samsung when it comes to Camera Quality. Another technical factor the company does focus on is its Firmware update. Samsung is known for the regular software update simultaneous to Android Updates.

Samsung’s well-known User Interface, One UI 5.1 version, will likely take the next major update to One UI 6 in August 2023. And now A series users wonder when they will experience the new Android 14-based One UI 6 in their device.

One UI 6 will likely bring many new enhancements to Samsung users. Predictive gestures, a bundle of customization and navigation options, and minor UI design changes are among them. One of the notable possible improvements expected with One UI 6 is the debloating features to the bloatware problem. Well, Samsung has not revealed the official details for now, but we will get back to you with all the information soon as it’s available.

This article will discuss the expected timeline of Galaxy A53 and A73 getting One UI 6 (Android 14).

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Update August 11:

Samsung has opened up beta testing for One UI 6, based on Android 14, on the new Galaxy S23 series. Users in the United States, Germany, and South Korea can sign up to try out the beta firmware via the Samsung Members app.

The Android 14 update brings some UI changes to the Galaxy S23 phones, including a refreshed Quick Settings panel design and a new camera widget. The camera widget will let users pick where photos get saved before taking them.

One UI 6 also introduces new wallpaper customization features, allowing different wallpapers to be set for different Modes and Routines on the Galaxy S23.

Overall, the One UI 6 beta enables Galaxy S23 owners in select countries to test out some of the key new features coming in Samsung’s Android 14 update. The beta looks at the UI changes and camera enhancements Samsung has planned for its latest flagship lineup.

Galaxy A53 and A73 will get One UI 6 (Android 14)

In an announcement on February 2022, Samsung added one year to their three-year update policy. Samsung’s latest four-year software update policy includes upcoming selected A series phones in their bucket. The company’s well-known A series phones (Galaxy A33, A53, and A73 ) enter the list. So we can rest assured that Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 will get One UI 6 when available. But the question is when?

Well, let’s try to understand the timeline of Samsung Galaxy A53 & A73 from its previous update history. On its launch, the Galaxy A33 and A73 phone roll out with the Android 12-based One UI 4.1 on top in August 2022. Soon Samsung provide a quick update of these devices to One UI 5.0 on November 2022. And now, on a current note, it received the One UI 5.1 Update recently on February 2023.

Since the device is newly introduced in the midrange budget, it is expected to receive the next major update soon. Besides, Galaxy A53 & A73 became the first midrange phone to get the One UI 5.0  update last year. Samsung always follows a particular timeline for major updates on its devices.

  • We can conclude Samsung will likely introduce Android 14-based One UI 6 to Galaxy A53 and A73 in a similar time frame of November 2023.

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