Will Samsung launch Galaxy A55 5G in the U.S.?

Samsung Electronics has recently been filtering many of its products launched in the U.S. market. A few days back, there was news that the company segregated its wearable products launch and skipped the Galaxy Fit 3 launch in the U.S. market. And now there is news that the recently announced Galaxy A55 5G will not make it through the US Market.

Samsung officially revealed Galaxy A55 5G and its companion Galaxy A35 this week. The primary focus of the new launch was the upgraded Samsung Knox Vault security innovations, which drew great attention from U.S. users because of its multilayer security features. It is also an alternative option to its rivals like Apple and Pixels at a much more affordable price. So far, the European pricing details for the series have been revealed. Galaxy A55 5G is possibly priced at around € 529.00, and Galaxy A35 can launch at € 379.00.

Galaxy A55 Galaxy A35 Phone

However, according to CNET, Samsung has no plan to launch the Galaxy A55 in the U.S. market. Speaking to CNET, a representative of Samsung stated, “We can confirm that Galaxy A35 5G will be coming to the U.S. market and look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks”. Further, the representative mentioned- “Will not be carrying the Galaxy A55 5G at this time.”

What is the reason? It’s understandable why Samsung strategically chooses its wearable products in the U.S. market. So, the Galaxy Watches have become the first choice for wearable products, not the fitness band, with easy prices. The reason behind skipping the midrange A series A55 5G is also justified using a familiar strategy.

The Galaxy S24 series has a vast potential to make a good sale in the U.S. market, and Samsung will not allow U.S. users, at least for now, to have the flagship features at affordable prices with Galaxy A55. Moreover, U.S. users are keenly interested in security features to protect their privacy and will easily choose A55 at a budget-friendly cost. This is why the company has an open route for Galaxy A35 5G but not for A55 for now. When users are hungry for more flagship features, they must choose the Galaxy S24 option rather than the A55.

We’d love to see this phone available worldwide, including in the U.S. Overall, this little delay is to make money from the Galaxy S24 lineup and now use the flagship Galaxy AI feature. Any latest development will be covered soon; therefore, stay tuned with Saminsider!!

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