Is Samsung TV Plus Shutting Down in the USA?

Samsung TV Plus is a fantastic streaming service provided by Samsung to users of its smart appliances worldwide, encompassing the company’s TVs, monitors, and Family Hub refrigerators.

This service allows its users to, for example, view cooking recipes on their fridge’s smart display and also gain access to live channels for Samsung TVs. Hence, it is no wonder that it is one of the company’s most popular services currently in use.

However, certain users of Samsung TV Plus in the United States might be in for a major letdown, as Samsung is shutting down the service for certain devices in the region.

According to a user of Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators (via Samsung Community), it seems that the company is informing existing users of affected devices that their Samsung TV Plus service is being shut down, as stated by the following notice:

Thank you for using Samsung TV Plus service. After the SW update scheduled for June 2024, Samsung TV Plus will only be available within Mexican territories.

Please note that this is Samsung TV Plus’ policy, and use of the service may be restricted if you wish to use it outside of Mexican territories. Thank you.”

This notice raises many questions, especially given its word framing: Is Samsung shutting down TV Plus for the United States entirely? Is this restricted to the company’s refrigerators, or will it spread to TVs or monitors?

No! Thankfully, this turned out to be a mistake. Samsung has clarified via X that the notice was incorrect and users should disregard it. Samsung TV Plus remains available for US users.

Samsung shutting down TV

Relax, and you can keep enjoying your free streaming service!

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