Samsung Removes Live Messages from Galaxy S24: Will it Return?

Multiple Galaxy users recently wrote in the Community forum and various other platforms regarding the missing Live Message Feature in the latest Galaxy S24 Lineup.

Live Message features can be seen among the most high-end devices. They initially started with the Galaxy Note 8 series, and the S pen usage flourished even more with the features.

One can create doodles and type text in an image, video, or any background. This gives the image or the video a live touch, having immersive transition effects. Moreover, these created live effects can be shared as video (MP4) or GIF on various platforms. If you have never heard of this feature, check out the cool messaging effects in the YouTube video.

Even though the feature is not very popular among Galaxy users, this live feature is an important creative tool for certain users. Particularly, the features are mostly enjoyed by those who like creating live doodles on images or videos.

Samsung Upsets Fans By Removing Live Messages Feature from Galaxy S24

Therefore, those users show their grievances on various platforms and demand to bring back the feature. This raises the question among the users whether the Live Message feature will return to the S24 series in the near future.

Live Messages Reported issue

It’s clear from a source that the users with later variant devices were not affected. Most importantly, the latest One UI 6.1 update does not interfere with the Live Message App for devices like Galaxy S23 and Z Fold 5. It is still running normally.

This is why users who recently shifted to the S24 lineup are frustrated about the missing feature. At the same time, previous variant devices enjoy the feature as usual.

Will Samsung Bring It Back?

Samsung, on the other hand, did not officially acknowledge the situation. However, a few of the replies from GaryB82 make it clear that Samsung has removed the features from S24. And there is less probability of returning the feature in updates. Hopefully, Samsung will recognize the emotional attachment to the Live Message feature and bring it back.

Reply to LIVE Message Missing Situation

Overall, the Samsung Live Message user’s disappointment is justified. Just because fewer people use the feature, one cannot remove it altogether. Rather, it would be awesome if more innovative features were added and approaches were taken differently to gain more users.

Using AI Power, Samsung can make it an epic new feature and take it to the next level. If you have any new ideas, you can comment below. Any news regarding this will be shared soon; until then, Stay tuned with Saminsider!

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