Galaxy Z Flip 6’s Cover Display to Feature 90Hz Refresh Rate: Report

It is April 2024, and rumors and leaks about Samsung’s foldables have started increasing intensity.

The company is expected to release no less than five foldables this year, including the first-ever Ultra variant and pioneer affordable yet durable foldables with the rumored upcoming Z Fold FE and Z Flip FE variants, finally opening up the foldable market to the masses.

Rumors about the company’s flagship clamshell, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, have also surfaced amid all these developments. Now, another source reveals a cover display upgrade for this specific model.

A source (via @kro_roe on X/Twitter) hints at the possibility of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 getting support for a 90 Hz variable refresh rate on its outer cover display, which will make it the first-ever clamshell foldable with a high refresh rate on the cover display.

90Hz for the external display

The inner display is widely expected to stay at the same variable 120 Hz refresh rate as the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

However, this source is an unreliable leaker and has been known to have sketchy accuracy at best. Hence, taking this leak with a pinch of salt is best.

Furthermore, if the leak is true, we do not know how variable the cover display refresh rate will be. The predecessor Z Flip 5 has a static 60 Hz cover display with no variable switching and a variable 120 Hz inner display, which can go down to as low as 1 Hz on standby when the screen is off and 24 Hz in specific situations when the screen is on.

I think it is possible for Samsung to adopt the same type of 1-90 Hz variable refresh rate switching as the inner display. If achieved, it can potentially lead to major battery improvements on the Z Flip 6 compared to its predecessor.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, and the Galaxy Ring sometime in July 2024.

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