Is Super HDR Coming to Older Galaxy Phones with One UI 6.1?

The Galaxy S24 series is the only lineup that exclusively enjoys the Super HDR feature. And no minimal One UI update can bring those features to Older models. In the recent update of One UI 6.1 for Galaxy, the later model did not include this HDR facility.

As per the information shared, one of the Samsung Moderators in the Camera division gave more information on the features from the recent update to older devices. Replying to a user, the moderator confirmed Super HDR is a special case to S24. The moderator mentioned that application processor and display support are the key factors implemented only on the S24 Lineup. This implies the predecessor of the Galaxy S lineup will not support the dynamic facility.

Galaxy Older device will not support Super HDR feature

Is it a feature that cannot be included, or will later devices be unable to handle it? Let’s understand it! The newly introduced Super HDR enhances the dynamic range of HDR-captured images, similar to Google’s Ultra HDR Format. Super HDR will give detailed information on the bright and dark areas of the captured image.

With the increased real-time image processing, the device must be well-equipped to handle the processing power. Additionally, your display unit might be able to control the individual dimming zones. In the context of hardware upgrades, Galaxy S24 came out of the box with advanced 4nm technology to handle Generative AI or AI Features. Its display uses LTPO technology, which can vary the refresh rate depending on the content. The predecessor Galaxy S23, however, lags with all these factors. 

Therefore, no matter if you upgrade to One UI 6.1, no matter what AI capabilities you get as S24 has, it won’t bring the immersive HDR feature to later devices like S23. Ultimately, we can conclude that your S23 is not getting the SUPER HDR due to hardware limitations.

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