Samsung to Bring Generative AI to Smartphones in 2024

Samsung Electronics never settled on innovative ideas to keep competing with its rivals and simultaneously surprising its fanbase. One such emerging technology the company has been actively working on is Artificial intelligence. It is not the first time the company has put their interest in the AI technology. We have seen lots of AI-based camera features, especially on its Galaxy S23 Phones. For example, the E2E AI Remosaic for Capturing moving objects.

However, AI technology is not only limited to improving the overall image quality of your clicks; it has changed totally ever since ChatBots were introduced in 2022. Now, we have some of the cutting-edge AI-based tools for a wide range of applications. For instance, Grammarly for writing assistance, ChatGPT, Google’s Bard for generative text, DALL E for text-to-image, etc.

But in this fast-moving 5G technology, everything is super fast, and AI needs to be introduced more often on your phone. This is why Samsung’s next-generation phone focuses more intensely on the on-device-AI technology. Furthermore, the company has been spotted testing SoCs like Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 & Exynos 2400 in advance for their next flagship phone to support high-processing AI tools.

In a recent Samsung event on the Third Quarter 2023 Results, the company spotted emphasizing more on the Generative AI technology idea. Based on the event in 2024, Samsung is likely to introduce ChatGPT or Google Bard-like chatbot features in builds in their flagship phones like Galaxy S24 and Z Fold 6, which will be able to experience without connecting to any external cloud. From various reports, we also know the fact that Samsung gearing up its expertise to develop its own generative AI technology.

As a whole, in the event, Samsung highlighted the possibilities of the technology that could transform their fields of MX(mobile Experience), DX(Digital Transformation), XR (Extended Reality), etc, in the upcoming days. Taking countermeasures for its rivals, the company promptly adapts to the new idea. Also, we can have good guest about how Samsung is going to use it for their interests. For instance, to enhance the business, the company can be deeply involved in AI designing products in areas such as XR, Digital Health, and Digital Wallet. The company also mentioned the expansion of the technology advancing the connectivity experience between Smarthings digital appliances and other devices.

As shared earlier, Samsung will also focus more on AI-based updates on their upcoming One UI 6.1. Not only that, we can expect the next upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S24 series, to use lots of AI-inbuilt technology.

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