Samsung Testing One UI 5.1.1 Update on Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5

Samsung Electronics is the top manufacturer of foldable smartphones in the market. Besides making mobile more flexible, Samsung regularly works on foldable phone firmware. Recently on CheckFirm App, early software build activity has been noticed on SM-F946N and SM-F731N models. A major change is expected in August 2023 for the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip version since the above-tested models imply the Korean version of Z Fold 5 (SM-F946N )and Z Flip 5(SM-F731N).

In a recent leak, Samsung is also found to be working on its next firmware update. Experts suggested it could be the next software update level, One UI 5.1.1 or One UI 6. Now it seems to be uncertain about the name of the skin.

Similarly, Google’s Android is also facing the testing environment. The latest Android 14 developers preview shows lots of optimization to the upcoming versions. Samsung is also working on adding the new Android 14 Flavour to its Galaxies smartphone.

In the summer of 2022, Samsung launched its engineering marvel foldable smartphones, Z FOLD 4 and Z FLIP 4. These versatile phones receive the One UI 4.1.1 Skin with Google’s Android 12L Base. Now the phone is running on the Android 13 base UI 5.1 firmware.

Samsung follows a similar time frame to launch its flagship phones with major software updates. In CheckFirm, Samsung’s one UI 5.1.1 early build has been spotted (via SamMobile) on the Korean version of the upcoming Z Fold 5 and Flip 5. This could be the latest skin that most of the fans awaited. The experts predicted the Korean Tech giant might surprise its fanbase and reveal its 5th Generation flagship Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip smartphone in the same timeline.

One UI 5.1.1 update on Galaxy Z Flip 5, Z Fold 5

Unfortunately, there is inadequate information on the One UI 5.1.1 build and the 5th Generation Z Fold and Flip smartphones. However, we cannot be unnoticed by the developmental phase going around the various Samsung Flagship phones.

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