Galaxy Ring Model Numbers Revealed, Coming in Various Sizes

Samsung is well-known as one of the leaders in the smartphone industry, with a hugely successful line of wearables to accompany the phones.

So far, these wearables include the Galaxy Fit series, the Galaxy Watch series, and the Galaxy Buds series. Still, Samsung plans to shake things up with a new fourth wearable category.

I am talking about the hotly-anticipated Galaxy Ring, the company’s answer to fitness-oriented smart rings such as the Oura Ring and the Ultrahuman Ring.

Now, a new leak reveals all the model numbers of the Galaxy Ring’s variants (via, which are listed as follows:

  • SM-Q500
  • SM-Q501
  • SM-Q502
  • SM-Q505
  • SM-Q506
  • SM-Q507
  • SM-Q508
  • SM-Q509

As can be seen, the Galaxy Ring marks the company’s debut of a new Q series model number.

As for the existence of eight different model numbers, it helps to recall that Samsung confirmed at MWC’24 that the Galaxy Ring will be available in nine ring sizes ranging from US sizes 5 to 13, and the increasing sizes will get slightly larger batteries.

Hence, it is highly likely that these different model numbers actually denote the different ring sizes of the Galaxy Ring, complete with the different battery sizes.

Galaxy Ring Teaser

Therefore, the Q500 is expected to have the smallest ring size, and the Q509 will most likely have the largest ring size. As for the ninth ring size not mentioned in the eight model numbers of this leak, expect the missing one to be either Q503 or Q504.

Another plausible theory for the missing model number could be the situation of Samsung planning to offer a similar battery size for two ring sizes of the Galaxy Ring. However, this is purely speculation on my end.

Expect the full launch of the Galaxy Ring in the Unpacked event, rumored to be scheduled for July 2024.

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