How Samsung is Planning to Bring Galaxy AI Features to S22 Lineup?

A very delightful update! Samsung has been working on a new idea to support Galaxy AI for its most notable lineup, Galaxy S22. As we know, Galaxy AI was introduced to the Galaxy S24 series, and it provides some new features like Circle to Search, Notes Assist, Browsing Assist, etc. Since the update was released, many older series users have wanted One UI 6.1 on their devices. However, how many of them will have the full-fledged Galaxy AI feature, like S24, in the upcoming update? That is a big question mark.

According to a report, TM Roh, head of Samsung’s MX Division, stated in the company’s 55th Annual General Meeting that the Galaxy AI will expand gradually through updates starting at the end of this month. He also mentioned the possibility of expanding the AI features to older devices, including the S22 series.

From the information shared in the report, TM Roh stated there is no significant difference between the Galaxy S23 FE and the current Galaxy S22 regarding hardware features. So, it’s clear from the statement the company is not leaving its older devices behind to experience the AI features.

Galaxy AI Features to S22

How is the company going to do that? The current Galaxy AI’s functions rely on the On-Device AI feature, which requires adequate hardware processing power. Based on that, the Galaxy S22 series was ruled out from the race of Galaxy AI earlier. It was certain that some of the recent flagship devices, like the Galaxy S23 series, fall under the eligibility criteria. Some of the foldable & tablet series would make it through the company’s Artificial intelligence list. Unfortunately, it might not have fully supported AI features like S24 due to limitations.

Further in the report, TM Roh briefed on the new idea, “Hybrid AI,” that the company is working on. As stated earlier, the company is investing resources in the new idea to tackle the hardware inability of devices like in S22. Hybrid AI is a concept of merging both cloud-based AI & On-device AI technology. Older products that receive the current Galaxy AI-like feature need hybrid support. So that it can process and execute the set of programs like S24.

It’s worth mentioning that the report doesn’t confirm that S22 is getting the Galaxy AI. If the company succeeds in merging cloud-based AI and on-device AI into one hybrid ecosystem for its older device, Samsung can transfer some of the Galaxy AI features to an S22-like device. Also, note that as per the report, TM Roh clearly mentioned that the company has no plan for Galaxy AI support for the model below S22. This means S21 users will not get the AI features.

Regarding the updates on One UI 6.1, the company was spotted running a test build on the internal server for older devices. In the upcoming days, it will be interesting to hear the developments, and hopefully, Samsung find a way to surprise the S22 users with “Hybrid AI”. Till then, keep browsing Saminsder for such interesting news!

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