Could Galaxy S25 be the first phone with UFS 4.0 4-lane storage?

All Android smartphone manufacturers use Samsung’s Universal Flash Storage for ROM. It’s among the fastest in the world, and UFS 4.0 even surpasses the NVME SSDs that Apple uses on iPhones. UFS 4 storage is very efficient and provides very fast app opening times, even for heavy apps, and stellar download speeds.

It’s also the best for read and write speeds, so transferring data isn’t a hassle. UFS 4.0 was a major leap forward, with 45% higher efficiency and up to 23.2 Gbps data speed transfers. This is double the speed of UFS 3.1. The write speeds got a 1.6X bump. It’s just 1mm in thickness and can go up to a full terabyte of storage. It’s also extremely secure. Samsung broke many records with this, and it’s now an industry standard for flagship smartphones.

Quick Answer: There are rumors that the Galaxy S25 could be the first phone with UFS 4.0 4-lane storage. Samsung plans to release the second generation of UFS 4 storage tech in 2025, which aligns with the expected launch timeframe for the Galaxy S25.

Luckily for the Galaxy S25 lineup, it’s getting the 2nd generation of UFS 4 technology. It’s called UFS 4.0 four-lane technology, and the launch is expected in 2025 with the S25 series. The promise is up to 8GBPS of data transfer speeds.

This is a lot more than the current one since it equates to 64Gbps speed, 2.7X as fast. We’ll get even faster app launch times for heavier apps, better AI capabilities on-device, more efficiency, and smoother multitasking.

UFS 4.0 4-lane storage

The roadmap that Samsung unveiled describes the next generation of Universal Flash Solutions. We’ll get faster data transfer, faster downloads, and more. According to the roadmap, Samsung will release UFS 4 4-lane CS technology in 2025. We’ll get the new UFS 5.0 storage standard in 2027.

The expected data transfer speeds for UFS 5.0 are 10 GBPS (80Gbps), which is even more future-proof, and it’ll enable large language models to run natively at supremely fast speeds. Samsung is also apparently planning to integrate its own AI chipset into the S25 lineup, and this new storage technology will assist it.

This new UFS storage standard is entering production in 2024, but we don’t expect it on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 or Z Flip 6. They’ll continue to use the older UFS 4.0 standard.

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