These Galaxy Phones Support Camera Assistant App

Samsung Electronics is well known for its pro-level camera setup. With its versatile flagship phone every time, the company brought more camera features to the newly launched device. In addition to the high-quality camera setup, Samsung provides quality apps to deliver a more professional feel for clicks.

But how much can you control the functionality of these cameras? Well, Samsung’s Camera Assistant App comes into account to overcome the functionality of cameras. Recently there has been hype for the Camera Assistant app among Samsung fans. But it is available only for flagship phones like Galaxy S23. Even though the description says it is compatible with OneUI 5.1 or a higher version, it is still unavailable for other Galaxy users. The Camera Assistant App craze is now in trend, and other Galaxy users also want the features in their system. But is it possible? Yes, a recent leak gives us a hint of that!

The Camera Assistant app allows you to customize the camera according to your need. If you want more shutter speed and want to set your camera timer and get multiple photos, then this App will assist you. If you’re going to compromise your image quality over the speed, then you can prioritize that too.

Another such Galaxy store app has also been in trend recently, i.e., “Expert Raw.” The “Expert RAW” app retains the original data from the camera sensor without any processing. The App supported enjoying features like Astro-photography and multiple exposure mode. Don’t get confused with the Camera Assistant App. Both working modules are different. Expert Raw gives more customization options to improve the photo, whereas the Camera Assistant app provides more camera functions. Initially, the Flagship phone Galaxy S23 gets the Expert Raw feature inbuild, but eventually, it became available for Galaxy S20 and the later versions.

Similarly, we can expect the Camera Assistant App in most flagship phones listed below. Recent leaks hint at getting the App in the next major UI Update One UI 6 for most notable phones.

  • Galaxy S23 Series
  • Galaxy S22 Series
  • Galaxy S21 Series
  • Galaxy S20 Series
  • Galaxy Note 20 Series
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy Fold 2

Moreover, We can also expect most of the Galaxy A series (A53, A54, A73) likely to get the Galaxy Assistant app. Samsung is also expected to include Camera Assistant App for more midrange phones.

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