Does Galaxy Z Flip 4 Support an S Pen or DEX Mode?

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Filp 4 is trending on Reddit, the Samsung community, and other social media platforms, not because of its remarkable features and compact folding technology. Instead, it is in trend for the Screen problem or accessories, features not supporting the device. Recently users have been trolling Z Flip 4 for not supporting DeX mode and Stylus pen. But what is the reality? Does Z Flip 4 support DEX Mode or S Pen? Let’s find out!

Compatibility of DEX Mode and S-Pen in Z Flip 4

The idea behind Samsung DeX mode is to give users a Desktop experience without having a laptop or proper desktop. You need to connect your Samsung DeX-supported phone to your monitor or even a TV (as a monitor) with the help of an HDMI adapter. Connecting to the Samsung DeX mode, you can mirror your phone and enjoy PC like interface. Your phone can be used as a touchpad, but you can use the multiport adapter to plug in a Keyboard and mouse for better productive work. Or connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your device is a quick solution. The users truly enjoy it since the possibility of using Samsung DeX is immense in day-to-day activity.

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Similarly, the S pen is another potential tool for most Galaxy phones. One can unlock their creativity with the functions of the Stylus Pen. Apart from the artistic use of the S pen, many activities can be done with it. Such as using the button of the S pen, you can customize specific functions with clicks. Combined with Samsung DeX mode, it is even a Note-taking tool.

Now it is clear that Samsung DeX and S Pen have made a place in people’s daily routines work. So let us see if Z Flip 4 supports DeX mode and S Pen.

While looking for the answer, one solution was found in Samsung Community. In reply to similar confusion, a trusted member of the Samsung Community named LongHiker commented that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 neither support Samsung DeX nor S pen. Although the foldable version Z Flod 4 supports the DEX mode and the S pen. Now Samsung fans are in dilemma whether to buy the Z Flip 4 or wait for Z Flip 5.

Probably because of the foldable Screen, S Pen is incompatible with Z Flip 4. However, Z Fold 4 is a particular case, and of course, the interest of the S pen is considered during the development. The reason behind the Samsung DeX mode not being compatible might be the inherent USB port in the device. Although users suggest, Samsung could develop wireless DeX support so that any Samsung flagship device users can enjoy it.

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