Verizon One UI 6 (Android 14) Update: Here’s the Latest Status

Update December 1: The long-awaited One UI 6 update for Verizon’s Galaxy S21 series has finally begun rolling out. The version for the update ends in FWK5 and also includes the security fixes from the November 2023 security patch. In addition to the Galaxy S21 series, the One UI 6 update is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series on the Verizon network. The firmware version for the Galaxy Tab S9 update ends in BWK6.

Update November 26: The Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone has received the Stable One UI 6 update with software version A546VSQU5BWK4 on the Verizon network.

Update November 22: The locked variants of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones that operate on Verizon’s network are receiving the One UI 6 software update. The update has the firmware version numbers S901USQU3DWK5, S906USQU3DWK5, and S908USQU3DWK5 for the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra models. The Verizon-locked variant of the Galaxy A54 is also getting a major update to One UI 6, with firmware version number A546VSQU5BWK4.

In the US, Samsung has released the stable One UI 6 update for the Verizon units of Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The build versions are S911USQU1BWK4, S916USQU1BWK4, and S918USQU1BWK4.

Samsung has begun the rollout of its One UI 6 update to its most recent foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. US users on Verizon have the privilege of receiving the update first. Owners of the Flip 5 in the US will receive software version F731USQU1BWK9, while Fold 5 owners in the US will receive F946USQU1BWK9. This update will also include the November security patch.

The old story follows……..

Samsung’s phones are well received for excellent software support. Samsung didn’t opt into the Android 14 developer beta because they make their own One UI software skin. It follows a different aesthetic than stock Android. One UI has many extra features like Goodlock, DeX Mode, and Secure Folder.

Samsung also has many ecosystem features, excellent integration with other IOT devices, and a globally available consistent ecosystem of products. From what we know about the Android 14 update, there are some notable changes. Google announced it on 10th May at Google I/O, and we have a good idea of the features.

The Android 14 features may not make it to One UI 6, but most of them will. The key customization feature for Android 14, lock screen customization, was already present on One UI. You can already change fonts and widgets on the lock screen. Stock Android is getting these features with Android 14. One UI might get more fonts, customization options, and possibly some AI features.

Another Android 14 feature, app pairing, is also present on OneUI. The app cloning feature, where you can have two of the same apps for different purposes, was present too. App pairing with a split screen is new to Stock Android, but One UI already had the sidebar, floating windows, saved app pairs, and more multitasking features.

The predictive back gesture feature, which shows a preview of where you’re going, might come to One UI 6. This feature works with web pages and apps, too. For Verizon users with a Samsung phone, Samsung’s update promise extends to 4 years of major updates, starting with the S21 series.

Some of the key additions in One UI 6 include more options for customizing the look and feel of the interface, improvements to Samsung’s own apps, better ways to control privacy settings, and new ways to interact with connected devices.

Samsung says the focus is on giving users more choices in how their smartphone looks and works for their individual needs. The company will look to roll out One UI 6 to more devices like the Galaxy A54 and A34 once testing is complete and the software is ready for a wider launch.

Android 14 is exclusive to Google Pixel phones and the OnePlus 11 in the US since Samsung didn’t opt into the Android 14 Beta program. This is because Samsung adds its design flair on top of Stock Android. They have their first-party apps, a collaboration with Microsoft, and their features and icons.

To add and optimize all this, they take a bit longer than Google to deliver software updates. If we follow the rumors, we’ll get the One UI 6 announcement in July at the Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung’s Fold and Flip 5 will be announced at the same event.

Verizon has a list of Samsung devices that will get the update. The phones in the official list will be updated soon. This list is inconclusive since Verizon didn’t explicitly state which phones will get the update. Carrier phones also get updates a bit late since they need more tests. For now, the list on Verizon’s official site is as follows:

  1. Galaxy S23
  2. Galaxy S23+
  3. Galaxy S23 Ultra
  4. Galaxy Z Flip 4
  5. Galaxy Z Fold 4
  6. Galaxy S21 FE
  7. Galaxy A54
  8. Galaxy A34
  9. Galaxy S22 Ultra
  10. Tab S8+
  11. Tab S8
  12. Galaxy S22
  13. Galaxy S22+

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