How to Turn Off Emergency SOS Shortcut On Samsung?

Have you been in a situation where you triggered unintentional Emergency SOS calls? And then get unnecessary Emergency calls from emergency services. The latest One UI 5.0 have an SOS shortcut feature for Galaxy Devices. You can make an emergency SOS call by pressing your Power Button (Side Key) five times. We also encountered a situation when your phone dialed 911 automatically in your pocket after pressing your Power Button 3 times. Predecessor ONE UI version of Galaxy Phone has this Panic mode option for emergency SOS Calls and messages.

The importance of Emergency SOS can be understood when people are in danger, in a situation of medical emergencies, Accidents, etc., and need easy access to emergency service. As soon as Emergency Mode is activated, it will dial emergency services and send messages to the person as per your setup. But this can create panic for your known person if it is unintentionally done. You may want this emergency feature but want to Turn off the shortcut access. This article will discuss how to Turn off the Emergency SOS shortcut on your Samsung phone.

Learn to Turn Off Emergency SOS Automatic Dailing:

Emergency SOS service has been included in Samsung phones and other smartphones to contact the emergency service during crucial and urgent conditions quickly. But the quick and shortcut method is introduced with the One UI 5 and later versions of Galaxy Devices. And many times, we made unwanted SOS calls and caused inconvenience to the emergency Service.

Moreover, unintentional SOS calls can activate your GPS all the time. As a result, it drains your battery. When such a service starts, it automatically tries to strengthen its network signal for uninterrupted connections—utilizing more battery power again. So there is a need to disable this quick access.

Follow the Steps to Turn off Quick Access to SOS calls:

Turning off an automatic SOS call is as simple as accessing it. Here follow the steps below-

  • Open the Setting on your Samsung Mobile
  • Scroll and tap on the Safety & Emergency option
  • Now tap on Emergency SOS
  • Then tap the Switch Button to turn off /on the emergency SOS service. If you cannot find the option, always use the search bar and type Emergency SOS. It will directly take you to the Emergency SOS option, and then tapping it will turn on or off the service.


How to disable PANIC MODE:

Samsung provides a dedicated hardware setting for Earlier UI versions to use during Panic situations. And users can easily send SOS messages and calls by pressing the Power Button 3 times. However, as said above, sometimes you may need to deactivate the service. If you want to know how to turn off Panic mode, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Menu of your Galaxy Phone
  • Click the Settings icon
  • Scroll down and find the Advance Features option
  • Now scroll down and find PANIC Mode
  • You will see Send SOS Messages section is on,
  • Click it and turn off the service

panic mode

NOTE: Emergency SOS is an important service that can help you in an urgent situation. This service is designed to help people when they need to contact quickly to their close ones in dangerous situations, during unfortunate accidents, etc. As soon as the service is activated, it automatically shares your location, call & SMS emergency contacts you provided in the Panic situation. So TURNING Off such a service, you cannot quickly access your loved one.

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