The End of Tizen OS Galaxy Watch: Beginning From September 2025

The Shift from Tizen to Wear OS started in 2021, and finally, Google Wear OS took over the Galaxy Watch fully. It is worth noting that Galaxy Watches runs a custom UI on top of Wear OS. As of now, Galaxy Watch 6 will be using custom Wear OS 5, and recently, a new test build has surfaced online.

As per the recent news, Samsung is slowly phasing out the Tizen OS. And a complete shift will happen from the next Galaxy Watch 7 series in 2025. The news spread widely after a Reddit user, namely Seaweed_Maximum, who owned a 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Black, shared the screenshot of the termination schedule notice.

From the notice, it is clear that Samsung will stop selling the paid Tizen Watch content from 30th September 2024. All free Tizen watch content in the Galaxy Store will discontinue from 31st May 2025, i.e., you cannot download new content.

Does it mean you have to buy a new Galaxy Watch? Even after the discontinuation of support from Samsung, the Tizen watches will run as usual last update. You can use the apps unless you delete them. Additionally, you can download it to the set time limit from Samsung policy. Just navigate through the Galaxy store> Menu> MyApps> Clock Tabs. But to enjoy the latest AI feature of the Galaxy watch, you need to switch to a new one!

Which devices will be affected by the termination? It is obvious that devices using Tizen OS or those released before Galaxy Watch 4 will lose support. Devices like ACtive 1, ACtive 2, Gear, Watch 1, Watch 3 are among the list. Watch 4 and Watch 5 Series used One UI  Galaxy Watch Wear OS. Hence, it will remain unaffected.

So Samsung finally put a full stop to the Tizen service content in 2025, after many years of loyal service. But there is still time you can spend with your Wearable product. Although the debate on Wear OS and Tizen OS features has not yet been resolved, both have pros and cons. However, from a recent market point of view, Wear OS is performing superior to Tizen. The debate will finally rest after the termination.

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