Fix: Syncing Emails Keep Showing In Notification Bar on Samsung Devices

Your device automatically updates or syncs emails occasionally, even in the background. However, the syncing process is now foregrounded for security reasons. This is why Syncing email notifications may pop up while you scroll down notifications.

But recently, multiple Galaxy users reported that syncing emails keeps showing constantly. A genuine concern occurs among active users.

The issue is simple! Syncing emails keeps running continuously, eventually depleting the battery. Moreover, the email icon keeps showing as though any emails are unread.

Many users also reported that the issue occurred after the latest version( of the Samsung Email App update. But is it a real issue or a normal behavior?

Android 14 brought new security measures and optimization features, according to which background activity is restricted to save battery life. They also made it transparent for users to prevent any malicious emails. This Synchronizing process is normal; however, if it persistently shows the Notification, there is an error.

Syncing Emails Keepshowing Issue
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How to Stop Samsung Email “Continuous Syncing” Issue

Understanding the issue, various tipsters suggest tips to resolve the issue. Some of the fixes are standard clearing caches and soft reset. There might be temporary relief with the standard fixes, but the problem remains, and the icon won’t disappear.

One of the users shared a reply to the report in the community forum. According to this, it is a normal behavior for Android 14 and above OS.

Fix 1: If the icon or the syncing emails are irritating to watch over, you can turn off the Notification for Samsung Email. This, however, does not ensure that the background activity is over. Still, it will sync in the background.

This also means you will not receive any notification regarding your emails. Have to manually check if there are any update emails. Also, it will keep consuming battery. Here disable the Notification –

  • Go to Settings
  • Next, select Notification
  • Then Select App Notification
  • Now, look for the Samsung Emails
  • Disable the Notification using the Toggle Button.

Fix 2: Another method is to disable the sync option altogether. For that, follow the steps below –

  • Navigate to Samsung Email
  • Tap on the Menu
  • Now, Tap the Gear Icon
  • Then, Select the email
  • Finally, disable the Sync option by clicking the toggle button.

Overall, Samsung has not officially acknowledged the issue. The above workarounds are temporary relief from the frustrating icon or Notification pop-up.

Hopefully, any latest update to the app can resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you can also downgrade the app and reinstall the previous version by side-loading the APK.

Any latest developments on this topic will be covered in Saminsider; stay Tuned!

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