List of Samsung’s Newest Galaxy Phones Available in the US

Samsung Electronics, a dedicated smartphone player, released a bundle of phones in a row on the Global platform. Looking at the current needs of the latest generation, the company also brings innovation to its product.

Closely monitoring its rivals, Samsung released products in markets that featured the same advantages. The company has delivered a wonderful mobile experience through its Galaxy phones for a decade with seamless integration of hardware and software. Through this post, our job is to provide a concise and clear view of the newest Galaxy product.

The year 2024 has just begun, and the company has already delivered an awesome Galaxy AI-featured product to the market. In the coming days, the company will also launch multiple Galaxy phones to the US market.

With the multiple launches, tracking down a perfect product at a glance, which runs on an upgraded version, is also difficult. In Saminsider, we have already covered the upcoming smartphone launch leaks in the USA.

However, we feel the need for a dedicated page for Samsung fans in the US. So that users can choose the newest Galaxy Phone available currently. Therefore, bookmark this post in your browser!

Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Phones in the US

In the Global market, a lot of devices might be available to Samsung lovers. However, when it comes to the USA,  Samsung chooses its devices wisely so that it can give tough competition to its rivals.

As discussed earlier, Samsung provides a vast selection of Galaxy Phones. While writing the post, we considered a category of phones according to their benchmark quality, affordability, and cutting-edge technology.

Phones Category Launch Date
Galaxy S24 Ultra Flagship 17 January 2024
Galaxy S24 Flagship 17 January 2024
Galaxy S24+ Flagship 17 January 2024
Galaxy Z Fold 5 Foldable 26 July 2023
Galaxy Z Flip 5 Foldable 26 July 2023
Galaxy A54 5G Mid-Range 15 March 2023
Galaxy S23 FE Fan Edition 04 October 2023
Galaxy A35 5G Budget 11 March 2024
Galaxy A25 5G Budget 11 December 2023
Galaxy A15 5G Most Affordable 11 December 2023

Flagship Galaxy Phones:

Each year, Samsung launches its flagship device with high-end features like the Galaxy S series and innovative form factor devices like Z Fold & Flip. With each launch, the devices get upgraded with features and hardware bumps. But which is the latest series you can go with? Here are they-

Galaxy S series:

Samsung’s S series has played an important role as a flagship device since its initial launch in 2010. Samsung launched the trio series on 17 January this year, namely the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ & Galaxy S24. Here are the devices with a little bit of information-

  • Price:
    • Galaxy S24 Ultra : 256 GB ($1299), 512 GB($1419) & 1TB ($1659)
    • Galaxy S24+ : 256 GB ($999), 512 GB ($1119)
    • Galaxy S24 : 128 GB ($799), 256 GB ($859)
  • Key Features: Galaxy AI Features like Circle to Search, Generative Edits, Live Translation of Messages & calls, Note Assists, Super HDR, and Instant slow-mo. The S24 Ultra variant has a Titanium frame with an integrated S Pen.

Flagship Galaxy Phones

Foldable Galaxy Phones:

The most expensive lineup of Samsung phones is the foldable. Z Fold and Z Flip have improved over the past few years, giving a seamless, compact mobile experience. The current foldables in the US are Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, which were released in July 2023.

  • Price:
    • Galaxy Z Fold 5: 256 GB ($1799.99), 512 GB ($1919.99) & 1TB ($2159.99)
    • Galaxy Z Flip 5: 256 GB ($999.99), 512 GB ($1119.99)
  • Key Features: Both the Fold 5 and Flip 5 are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The Z Fold 5 packs a 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED main display and a 6.2-inch cover display, while the Z Flip 5 features a 6.7-inch main display and a 3.4-inch cover display. Both models support 5G connectivity.

Foldable Galaxy Phones

Fan Edition Galaxy Phones:

The Fan Edition was the new inclusion for flagship Galaxy devices, with little tweaks in the hardware support. The latest Fan Edition available in the US market is the Galaxy S23 FE. The phone was released on Oct 2023; here are some useful details-

  • Price: 128 GB 8GB ($599), 256GB 8GB ($659)
  • Key Features: The phone was recently upgraded with ONE UI 6.1 AI feature. Its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 can handle the AI processing well. The device is also known for its Nitography and best captures in the dark. The battery is similar to the S23 lineup.

s23 fe

Budget Friendly Galaxy Phone:

When it comes to the budget-friendly Galaxy Phone in the USA, it is often referred to as an A series device. Not every Galaxy A series phone was made available for the US market. Based on the affordability, we categorize them into the following-

Midrange Galaxy Phone:

The Galaxy A54 series is the current variant available in the US, in a midrange category. The phone is somewhat priced below the Fan Edition. However, most of the flagship features can be seen on the phone. The latest A54 almost has the fan edition, like software & hardware gears.

  • Price: 128 GB 6GB ($449)
  • Key Features: Sleek design with vibrant color options, 5G speed, lots of video features like nightography, great battery backup, high-performance SoC, on-screen scanner, etc.

Midrange Galaxy Phone

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Affordable Galaxy Phone:

As of now, the most affordable Galaxy Phones in the US are the A35, A25 & A15. At an affordable price, these phones give cutting-edge performance.

  • Price:
    • Galaxy A35: $399
    • Galaxy A25:$299
    • Galaxy A15:$199
  • Key Features: The Trio series has a 50 MP rear main Camera, a 13 MP front camera, and 5G Connectivity; the device has good battery backup with 25watt wire charging. Galaxy A35 has an under-display fingerprint scanner, whereas A25 and A15 have side-mounted scanners.

Samsung Galaxy A25 5G

Final Words:

Hunting down a specific Galaxy phone for you might not be a big problem. However, most of us get confused if we are not previously used to Samsung products.

Some people want to switch to Android-based Galaxy phones from iOS because of the wide range of features. But finding a perfect phone one by one can be hectic. We showcase the trending available device options!

Hopefully, the article has saved a ton of effort and time in choosing your perfect Galaxy Phone. If it didn’t serve the purpose, then please suggest how to improve in the comment below. We would love to hear you OUT!!

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