Samsung unveils a wireless 8K Projector and an AI-powered QLED TV at CES 2024

At the annual CES tech event, Samsung usually announces and showcases remarkable innovations with display technology. In 2023, apart from some reasonable innovation to TV display tech, we got a live demo of rollable and foldable smartphone displays. At CES 2024, Samsung has more display tech to demo- with a projector that can display content in 8K resolution.

This is a remarkable feat since the current 8K projectors are costly and large. They’re not exactly consumer gadgets. Samsung’s demo showcases the product in a living room, indicating that it’s meant to launch for public use. It’s just one simple box that’s not really large and can project in 8K.

It’s wireless and also has smart features. It has “Sound on-screen” technology, a voice assistant, support for cloud gaming, and can also be split into four screens for multitasking.

Samsung also announced an AI-powered Neo QLED TV. You can buy it in either 4K or 8K variants, and a new AI chipset is on board. It features the Samsung NQ8 AI Gen 3 chip, which probably supports a part of Galaxy AI. According to Samsung’s claims, the NPU is now much better, almost twice as fast.

AI-powered QLED TV

A highlight feature is the sharpening algorithms that AI can now do. It can upscale lower-resolution content into 4K or 8K without making it look artificial and over-sharpened. There’s also a motion-enhancing feature to detect specific scenes like sports.

Then, it can reduce motion blur, interpolate frames, and help with the contrast between the foreground and background. There are also audio improvements; the TV can amplify voices and dialogue to make them more audible. It also improves the important sound effects. There are cheaper TV models without the fancy AI feature as well.

The TV also features some accessibility features. It has OCR technology and also voice guides in real-time. It can balance colors and enhance details for those with vision difficulties. Tizen OS is better now with individual profiles and personalized content recommendations. There’s also a new gaming controller.

Samsung also showcased a transparent Micro LED screen that you can see through. We’re not sure when it’ll hit store shelves, but the product can function normally but become as transparent as glass when not in use. The practical applications are little, but it’s still a technological marvel. It’s not even going to come close to publicly affordable, though.

Finally, there are some OLED models for Samsung’s TVs, and they’re apparently glare-free. The new OELD tech allegedly looks equally good in bright and dark rooms. This S95D TV has a glare-free OLED display and apparently has no problems with viewing angles. It can also display Pantone-validated colors. The television is just 11mm thick and has a 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate.

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