Samsung TVs to Lose Google Assistant Support: What You Need to Know

In 2020, Samsung integrated the Google Assistant into their televisions. It helps with ease of use since users can control TVs hands-free. Google Assistant’s smart ability to understand commands helps navigate the UI. Unfortunately, the entire project has been canceled now.

Multiple Android TVs and Google TV products use Google Assistant. It’s available on some Samsung Tizen products too. The 2020 was supposed to have the Google Assistant. It continues for a few years. For a while, it was available alongside Amazon Alexa, another competing Voice Assistant service.

Samsung no longer ships its TVs with Google Assistant in 2024. Google Assistant is completely missing from the 2023 portfolio of TVs (and 2024). Looking through all the Samsung TVs launched in 2023, you won’t find Google Assistant anywhere. Some publications asked Samsung about it, but they didn’t respond to this.

Google Assistant is completely missing

Google Assistant will no longer work on existing Samsung TVs

Samsung has confirmed that Google Assistant won’t be there on future models. They also won’t ship any of their 2023 models with Google Assistant. On Samsung’s support page, they claim that they’ll fully remove Google Assistant from their TVs on March 1, 2024.

The announcement says:

“Important: Due to a change in Google’s policy, Google Assistant will no longer be available on Samsung TVs beginning March 1st, 2024. Check out other options for voice assistants on Samsung TVs.”

The active Samsung community spotted this notice on the forums. According to Samsung, the reason is a change in Google’s policies. This policy apparently prevents Samsung from using Google Assistant from running. Samsung didn’t specify which exact policy this is.

In 2018, LG also integrated Google Assistant into their TVs. Recent LG TVs also support Chromecast. This problem with policies appears to be a Samsung-only issue.

List of TVs that will no longer have Google Assistant after March 1, 2024:

  • All Samsung Smart TVs from 2021.
  • All Samsung Smart TVs from 2022. (None of the 2023 models have it).
  • 8K and 4K Samsung QLED TVs from 2020.
  • Samsung Crystal UHD TVs from 2020.
  • Samsung Lifestyle TVs from 2020 (Frame, Serif, Terrace, and Sero)

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