Samsung Triple Fold Phone Rumored for 2024 Launch

Samsung’s foldable phone lineup currently includes the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. There are reports that we might get a more affordable Z Fold 6 FE this year. There’s a chance that Samsung might also make it a Flip, but a Fold is more likely since the Flip is mostly selling well. The cheaper model will mostly include a worse chipset and screen.

However, there are new reports from Revegnus on X that Samsung could launch a triple folding phone this year. It’s a bit confusing since the report was very vague regarding wording. It could mean that Samsung is simply adding a third foldable to the lineup (which ties in with the rumors that Samsung is adding a new affordable Fold).

It could also mean that Samsung is launching a triple-folding smartphone. Samsung already dominates sales for foldable phones worldwide, but there’s stiff competition from the Chinese market. At CES 2024, Samsung showed us many concepts for future foldable phones. We might see a public launch of the triple folding phone. This is not the first time we’ve seen leaks of this product.

Samsung will add a triple fold

Since Huawei might launch a triple-folding phone in Q2 2024, Samsung will want to compete with them. If Samsung wants to maintain its position as the leader of foldable phones in innovation and sales, a revamp is desperately needed. We hope the Z Fold 6 gets more updates than just a chip bump, which we got with the Z Fold 5.

Samsung didn’t officially confirm any of this information. We don’t recommend taking this information as factual until we see some hardware leaks or photos. The Z Fold 6 might have a new primary camera or new telephoto. Leaks say that Samsung will put the S-Pen inside the Z Fold. This will make it a unique offering again.

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