Samsung says premium smartwatches are incoming, possibly Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung makes arguably the best WearOS smartwatches, starting with the excellent Galaxy Watch 4 series. The company has recently played a major role in WearOS development, being the biggest partner behind Google’s renewed push for the platform. 

It is time for the Galaxy Watch 7 series to take the stage. We had reported earlier on the existence of a “Galaxy Watch Ultra” rumored to debut for the first time.

Now, new information has emerged directly from Samsung via its Q1 2024 earnings announcement released on 30th April 2024, which sheds further light on the company’s upcoming wearable lineup.

confirms premium smartwatches

In its earnings call, Samsung stated that it plans to launch more premium Galaxy watches, hinting at the possible existence of the aforementioned Watch Ultra. The company also talked about the existence of the Galaxy Ring and how it will form a major part of their new wearables push.

Based on pure speculation, it now seems that Samsung has plans to launch four Galaxy watches this year, all running on Google’s WearOS 4 platform: the Watch 7, the Watch 7 Pro, the Watch Ultra, and the Watch FE [or Watch 4 (2024)].

It was reported earlier that the Watch FE will end up being a tweaked re-launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 2021, and it is meant to be the most affordable option.

The main highlight is the new Galaxy Watch Ultra, which will get a ton of major upgrades: a new squarish design (instead of being completely round), 32 GB storage, a titanium build, and a radical new 3 nm Exynos W1000 chipset, to take the fight directly to Apple’s Watch Ultra 2.

There have also been reports that Samsung will bring digital health-centric AI features to the Galaxy Watch 7 series.

Expect Samsung’s new wearables, including the Galaxy Watch 7 series and the Galaxy Ring, to be unveiled at the upcoming Unpacked event, rumored to be held on 10th July 2024 in Paris.

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