How to Fix Samsung Phones Not Receiving Text Messages Problem?

Samsung Electronics, capturing much of the mobile market, faces issues occasionally. Text messaging is a basic functionality available to every Samsung phone to share various important messages from person to person. Not working on such a function in need could be troublesome, especially when you are waiting for an important message for an interview or must authenticate any account and wait for OTP.

Depending on various factors, Samsung phones might not receive text messages, but they can be resolved. Dealing with such a problem using a reputed device seems annoying, though! Usually, such kind of error comes from the service carrier provider. Therefore, your device might not be the reason. However, in some cases, other factors, as discussed below, can lead to text message issues. In this article, we will try to understand the problem and find a solution to resolve the issue.

Troubleshoot Samsung Phones Not Receiving Text Messages Issues:

You must have an updated Messenger App, device software, and an active Network service provider to receive a Text Message. If any components are not in the usual mode, it can cause a problem. First of all, if such a problem occurs, help yourself find out which categories, as mentioned below, you belong to. They also have to follow the standard protocol to eliminate such issues.

  • Make sure if the problem occurs after a newly purchased Samsung Phone
  • Have you been an iPhone User and recently switched to Android?
  • Check your Network Coverage; geographically unreached locations can cause delays in receiving text messages.
  • Are you not getting a message from a particular contact?
  • Not receiving Texts at all.

In a normal glitch or network issue, you must perform a soft reboot to get everything back to normal. I know you don’t need any instructions to reboot your device, but in case you don’t know, follow the steps below-

  • Press the power button for a few seconds or Swipe the notification bar twice and tap on the Power Icon.
  • Now tap on the “Restart” Button.

After a while, your phone will reboot and check if the issue persists. If yes, then dive into the major causes of such a problem and its solution along. Check out the causes listed below.

1. Software and Security update:

Most Messaging apps behave abnormally if the device software or security is outdated. Therefore, you have to make sure the software is up-to-date. However, not all the time outdated software or security patch levels might be the cause. You can also encounter such issues soon after a security or Software update occurs due to bug issues. There are many reports that after security updates, Galaxy users of the S22 and S21 series face issues while texting. Therefore, you must also check if your phone security protocol has been breached. 

How do you check your software and security updates? Follow the steps below-

  • Find the settings option
  • Scroll down and Tap on “Software update.”
  • Tap on the Last Update option (Inspect if your phone is updated or not)
  • If not, then go back and tap on the “Download and Install” option
  • It will check for any software updates and security updates.

software updates

Make sure your device is charged enough to finish the software update. After the update, check if things return to normal and follow the other methods if the issue persists.

2. Run out of Storage:

Another Possible reason could be the minimum Internal storage capacity available. Out of space can indirectly affect updating your phone or messaging app automatically. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform a clean-up process of your device. Visit the Device Care option and manage some of the space if the internal storage is full. Use an SD Card or your Samsung Account to store excess data if needed.

3. Wipe the App Caches:

App caches can also be why your text message might not appear. Outdated caches can corrupt your messaging app to delay or prevent receiving text. Just clear the app caches, and everything might get back to normal. Clearing caches will not delete your earlier data. Here are the steps-

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to the App Section
  • Find the Samsung Message App
  • Tap on the Storage option
  • Clear the caches

App Caches

Check if things return to normal or follow the other fixes.

4. Unregister from iMessage:

This step is necessary for users who recently switched from Apple to Samsung. The iPhone user has to register their SIM with Apple’s iMessage facility. But when you switch to Samsung phones, you must deregister the facility, or else you could miss messages. Follow the steps below to deregister from iMessage-

iMessage Deregister form

  • Enter your Phone Number
  • Matches the Captcha code
  • Tap on Send Code
  • Enter the 6-digit confirmation code
  • Hit the Submit Button.

That will deregister you from the iMessage service! Restart your phone and check if you receive the text normally.

5. Settings Issues or added users to the Block List:

The probable causes you are not receiving text might be the wrong settings or Mistakenly listed contacts to block the list. As a default, your phone might have also read unknown users in your blocking list. You can review the block list and unblock users by following the steps below-

  • Go to the Samsung Message App
  • Tap on More Option (Three vertical Dots)
  • Navigate to Settings from there
  • Tap on the Blocked Message or Numbers

If you have mistakenly listed contacts to the block list, you will view the contacts. Unblock the contacts by navigating to the Phone or Contact apps >More Option> Settings> Block Numbers> Tap on the Remove Icon individually.

Also, check if you have enabled the “Do Not Disturb” mode. If yes, turn it off and try to resend it or check if you received the message. Another setting you need to check is the WiFi calling feature. If you have used this option earlier, check if you have enabled it. Follow the steps below-

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Connections
  • Tap on WiFi Callings
  • Swipe the switch icon beside to Enable the option

6. Test Your Phone in Safe Mode:

Safe mode is a way to check if any third-party apps are not causing the issue. While the phone is in Safe mode, it only runs the system apps. All the other third-party apps will be deactivated until you exit. Hence, you can check if the phone works normally in such a condition. If it works, you have installed some buggy third-party application preventing you from receiving the text messages. To enter the safe mode, follow the steps below-

  • Press the Power and Volume Down button together
  • Tap and Hold on the Power Off Icon
  • Safe Mode icon will appear on the screen
  • Tap on it and enable
Samsung Safe Mode Activation
Image Credit: Samsung

Now, check if the issue remains or is resolved. If it does, then fine, or you can proceed to the following fixes. To exit from the Safe mode, restart your mobile.

7. Issues from Network Provider:

As mentioned earlier, your phone is not all the time to blame. The issue might be with the network provider. Here are some issues discussed below-

Communication with the Cell Tower goes idle:

Idle is a condition when your network does not transmit data for a while. You can reason them mostly as low user activity, network maintenance, or temporary disruption in the network service. In such conditions, the Text message you receive might take some time, or it may never reach you.

Account and Services:

Any unpaid bills might disconnect your services. Therefore, make sure you paid the dues and your service is active.

Switching Service Carrier:

For any reason, if you switch to another service provider, check if they have a WiFi Calling Feature available, as not all of them have the feature. WiFi calling is a wonderful solution even if you have no signal or cell service isn’t available.

Any Carrier-related issue can only be resolved by seeking help from the service provider. Therefore, contact your respective service provider and discuss the solution.

8. Physical Damage:

Unfortunate events can happen anytime. Any physical damage looks normal from the outside, but internally, your device might messed up. Exposure to any liquid can also damage your phone; confirm this by looking at the LDI sticker that changes color when exposed to moisture or liquid. It is typically located on the battery or within the battery compartment.

Moreover, any Physical damage or slight mishandling of your SIM card may result in connectivity issues. Your SIM card needs to be placed correctly in the slot available. A newly purchased phone can also have manufacturing defects, which can be examined by toggling the SIM with another slot or device.

Final Words:

If None of the above tryouts works, then you are left with only one option, i.e., to reset your device. A factory reset can bring everything back to normal, and it’s worth trying as a last option. However, necessary backups must be taken before performing a factory reset. To complete the reset, navigate to Settings> About> Reset.

I hope the above fixes help you eliminate the text not receiving issue with your Samsung device. If unresolved, visit the nearest Samsung Service care for further device inspection.

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