Samsung Notes Not Working with Non-Galaxy Laptops: How to Fix?

Samsung has a diverse ecosystem that has a bunch of great productivity features. Samsung Notes has several features that its users love. You can create notes with an individual page or infinitely scrolling pages. You can choose your own layout and scroll direction. After you enter a title for your Note, you can insert an image or audio clip. It’s a sophisticated, feature-packed application.

Samsung Notes has a class-leading organization; you can sort them into multiple categories. You can search for Notes with specific titles and specific subjects. You don’t have to shuffle through your notes — Quick Highlight’s feature lets you select an action with a particular text. You can sort through your notes, lock a note, import and export your notes data, and more.

You can pick between multiple templates, choose your Note Style, and organize them into folders, and there are several useful handwriting functions. Thanks to its diverse feature set that’s extremely useful for productivity, many people use Samsung Notes on their Windows machines. It’s typically Galaxy-exclusive, but others could download it on their non-Galaxy Windows laptops and use the Samsung Notes app normally.

Samsung Notes is not working after a new update

Unfortunately, the Notes app no longer works on non-Galaxy laptops after a recent update. You can no longer use the Samsung Notes app if you don’t have a Galaxy Book. This happened after the v4.3.181.0 update, and it now just displays an error message when you try to get in. It says, “The app only works with Galaxy Books.”

While it wasn’t directly available, users got the Samsung Notes app via side loading. If your Notes app runs fine, we recommend disabling automatic application updates from the Microsoft Store. It’s also happening on older Samsung products like the Samsung AiO, and not just the non-Galaxy laptops. Samsung doesn’t even sell their Galaxy Books worldwide. In several countries, the availability is seriously limited, and you can’t buy their best models. The laptops also don’t have the best build quality and suffer from heating issues.

How to Get Back Your Samsung Notes on Non-Galaxy Laptops

The only workaround we know of is to downgrade to the previous version. Uninstall the current Samsung Notes app from your PC and sideload an older version. This could solve the problems. In many countries like Australia and South East Asia, Samsung still does not sell their Galaxy Books. This makes it inconvenient for people who want to use the Samsung Ecosystem. Galaxy Books are also ultrabooks, and they don’t suit all audiences.

This means you cannot access your Notes anymore if you’re not on a Galaxy Book. Third-party alternatives are not the same. Transferring all your existing notes over to another app is a hassle. The apps won’t have the same sophisticated experience as Samsung Notes since it have plenty of unique features that keep people using them.

To get Samsung Notes for Windows working again, uninstall the latest version and reinstall the previous version,

Follow these steps:

  1. Copy this URL first. (Open in your browser’s new tab and copy the URL.)
  2. Now Go to this link
  3. Find the file named “SamsungNotes_4.3.150.0” and download the installer.
  4. Once installation is complete, log in with your Samsung Account to sync all notes from your phone.
reinstall the previous
Image Credit: Samsung Community/ davychoo

We’ll inform you if there are any more workarounds.

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