Samsung Moves Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Series to Quarterly Updates, Ending Monthly Update

Samsung is considered the leader in Android updates, and it is no wonder that it promises a whopping 7 years of software support for the Galaxy S24 series.

Even budget phones, such as the recent USD 200 Galaxy A15 5G, will get 4 major OS updates and 5 years of security patches on top of Android 14. Hence, it is no surprise that the company is at the top of the software support game.

This update policy is also a major factor in Samsung fans’ staying with the brand, and it even attracts a lot of new users to the brand.

However, these update promises come with their Samsung issues: Samsung, even as a big brand, can only do so much about providing security patches to older devices that are years old. Therefore, the company has a policy to move legacy devices from receiving monthly updates to giving them either bimonthly or quarterly (once every 90 days).

It was noted recently that the 2020 flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy S20 series, have been silently moved to a quarterly update cycle now, as per the Samsung security updates page.

Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Series to Quarterly

These devices received monthly updates earlier, signaling the last years of software support for these phones.

To recall, the Galaxy S20 series was launched in March 2020 as the first Samsung flagship with the now-infamous Exynos 990. There was even a Snapdragon 865 version for some regions.

The Galaxy Note20 series, debuting in August 2020, marked the swansong of the 10-year-long popular Note series, making the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the last of its kind before the Galaxy S22 Ultra eventually replaced it as a spiritual successor.

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