Samsung May Challenge iPhone Pro with Smaller Galaxy S Ultra

Over the past few years, Samsung has strongly managed its position as a powerful smartphone brand against its rival, Apple. The company sticks to its roadmap yet explores new technologies along the way. And the company is making significant progress, which we can guess from the recent reliable leaks like One UI 6.1 AI feature, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, and the news related to the future generation S25 series. But a recent leak is booming on the internet, and you should know about it.

@Revegnus, an active follower and reliable source for Samsung, claims in his recent tweet the plans of the company to introduce a new design architect after the Galaxy S25 lineup. According to him, based on a few reports, it is speculated the company is likely to introduce a budget-friendly lineup like the Galaxy A series as a part of the Fan edition.

From his tweet, it is clear that the next-level phone will not just be a Samsung Fan edition. It is way better than the FE, or you can say that the compact Galaxy S Ultra will be similar to the iPhone Pro. The company may plan to counter its rival Apple iPhone Pro variant with the enhanced Galaxy fan edition. Hinting at the future Fold model, he mentioned it might be named “Fold Lite.”

Smaller Galaxy S Ultra

Continuing his tweet, he further mentioned the future Galaxy Fold Lite might have two prototypes. With a change in design, the Fold lite could have one of the variants with a removed external screen or cover screen and another variant with a smaller cover screen compared to that of Z Fold 1st generation. Adding more, he mentioned Samsung will go for either the Fold or Flip technique for its possible Galaxy Fold lite.

It’s quite a debating environment to introduce such a form factor, as the fan edition didn’t meet the company’s expectations. Therefore, no specific timing is mentioned when introducing this concept of High-end Fan Edition and Z Fold lite. But anticipated to be introduced after the next foldable phone, the Z Fold 6 rollout.

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