Samsung to Launch Mid-Range Foldable Phone in 2024

The last price cut for Samsung’s foldable phones was in 2021. The Z Flip 3 in 2021 came out at 999$, a major price drop from the original Z Flip. There was no Z Flip 2- the Z Flip 3 came out in 2021 directly after the original one. While the original model was a whopping 1400$ (Snapdragon 855+ 4G), and the 5G model was 1450$ (Snapdragon 865+ 5G).

Following a Trendforce report, Samsung plans to release a mid-range foldable phone in 2024. A lot of people will now have access to foldable tech. Companies are losing market share, and the sales of slab phones are declining rapidly. Foldable phones could be the saving grace of hardware sales in the future. More sales will also increase profit margins, which any business wants.

This new midrange Galaxy Flip could launch alongside the other Z Flip and Fold models. They might call it the Galaxy Z Flip 6 FE. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete info about the specs, even from supply chains. The price is currently unknown, but we can expect under 600$. Price is the determining factor for the success of this phone since consumers vote with their wallets. We’re not sure if it might get the Exynos 2400 chip or the Exynos 1380.

The 2021 Z Flip 3 came out with the Snapdragon 888 chip, which was only 999$. That was a major price drop, making the Flip much more accessible. The original Flip had a 60Hz AMOLED 1080P panel and a 12MP+ 12MP setup. The main complaint with it was the battery life. The Z Flip 3 doesn’t necessarily fix these issues. The Snapdragon 888 isn’t a great chip for efficiency or thermals. However, considering the serious price drop, it was still a major upgrade.

The Z Flip 4 was finally a good upgrade since the 8+ Gen 1 was thermally stable and much more efficient. The Flip 5 was an iterative upgrade with a better cover screen and the new 8 Gen 2 chip. Battery life on Flip phones still isn’t the best. The camera hardware is still weak, and they’re still stuck with 1080P resolutions. However, specs and hardware aren’t selling points for these phones. They appeal to consumers who want a flashy, design, and fashion-focused phone that can also take good selfies. For this target demographic, it’s still a decent buy.

However, 999$ is still out of reach for many people who want to try out a globally available Flip phone with a good overall software experience. Competitors don’t have the same hinge strength and reliability. And buying a previous year’s model isn’t a good choice either. Hence, Samsung plans to launch a newer Flip model in the mid-range tier to get more people into the Flip-style foldable phones. If satisfied, they might shell out money for the flagship Flip later.

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