Samsung Galaxy S25/ S25+ to Adopt Sony Image Sensor Replacing ISOCELL

Over the past few years, exponential growth has been noticed for Samsung Image Sensor. The company’s ISOCELL sensor has successfully developed sensor and delivered some of the quality cameras in the market to capture images in any light condition. But here are jaw-opening new reports that surfaced online.

Samsung’s to ditch its own ISOCELL image sensor to adopt Japanese-based Sony Image Sensor. The latest astonishing rumor flew from a tech-savvy tipster @Tech_Reve through his Twitter ( ) account. Although there are no solid details to prove the rumor is right, it’s just a tweet. However, on many occasions, his predictions or rumors became a reality. In his delightful tweet, he mentioned that Samsung features Sony’s image sensor and will no longer use the ISOCELL GN3 sensor in upcoming Galaxy S25 and S25+ devices.

Notably, the tipster skips the S25 Ultra variant! However, rumors regarding the ultra variant also surfaced on various platforms. Some of those rumors speculated Samsung might use a crazy 200 MP ISOCELL Sensor of size 1″ (inch) for the S25 Ultra variant. That is assumed to have a pixel size of 0.8 µm with dual-pixel autofocus pixels technology.

ISOCELL GN3 50 Mp image sensor was used in the current Galaxy S23/S23+, whereas the S23 Ultra variant has a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 image sensor. Moreover, its S22 series uses the same ISOCELL GN5 50MP Sensor. It is also expected again that Samsung will stick with the same ISOCELL GN3 Sensor for their next flagship Galaxy S24 series. This can be true again as the company has put more effort into generative AI recently rather than focusing on cameras. 

Apart from the image sensor, the S25 series is rumored to have a massive 10-core performing Exynos 2500 Soc Setup fabricated with 3nm technology.

However, we cannot go unnoticed by the real development undergoing. For instance, Samsung recently announced a 50MP ISOCELL GNK sensor with improved HDR and video performance. What Samsung is planning is unknown, but we can expect to have something great if such rumors turn out to be true. Sony’s Image sensor has been proven to be better than ISOCELL, especially for low-light and better-quality images and videos.

Overall, it’s too early to predict Galaxy S25, as the upcoming S24 has yet to be launched. Looking forward to more surprising news, then stay tuned with Saminsider!

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