Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Users Report Green Line on Display

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is barely a few weeks old. Unfortunately, there’s already one report of a green line on the screen. Green lines have plagued OLED displays for several years, and it has been happening for every single company with no consistent pattern or cause. It’s not a problem with Samsung’s display division since multiple suppliers like BOE have the same issue.

The S24 Ultra has a major controversy around the display already. Samsung changed the color calibration to a more natural and accurate profile. We can’t change it back to the original Vibrant mode with rich and poppy colors, which is a much more immersive overall experience. The colors on the new Vibrant mode are just not as good, and it looks washed out. Samsung is giving mixed messages, with some claiming they’ll fix it with an update and others claiming the change is intentional.

According to a thread on Reddit, an S24 Ultra unit already has the green line problem just six days after purchase. These lines show up even during restart. Resetting the phone to factory settings and other basic troubleshooting methods does not help. There’s one green line at the right going horizontally and a white line at the top portion vertically. It has Samsung’s official screen protector on.

Green Line on Display

This is incredibly disappointing since the panel is one of the best you can get on a phone. The glass is very anti-reflective thanks to Corning’s new Gorilla Glass standards. Unfortunately, such issues continue to persist on OLED panels. Returns and trade-ins with Samsung are also complicated.

Samsung could officially replace the device for free. The user claims the phone was used carefully and had no physical damage. The issues first began with the Note 20 and S20 lineup, and Samsung replaced those displays free of cost. Future models don’t have it in a widespread way, and we hope this is a one-off case for the S24 Ultra.

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