Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has one of the largest cooling solutions

The latest chips like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Dimensity 9300 have one common problem. They push for much performance and deliver cutting-edge graphics at relatively stable frame rates. However, high clock speeds and powerful primary cores generate much heat. Because GPUs are gradually rising in power, too, it invites several throttling and heating problems.

Using the TSMC 4nm node subjugates some of these problems since the node is particularly power efficient and has fewer problems than Samsung’s old 4nm node. However, Samsung is also turning things around since the Exynos 2400 with the 4LPP+ node is somewhat efficient and doesn’t heat much.

Since we don’t have any other solution, companies have to fit in active cooling systems like ASUS does with the ROG lineup. However, this is impractical and bulky, and it’s also unnecessary. Most people who buy the S24 Ultra will not push the chipset for this much performance.

To control thermals, Samsung uses a hardware solution- a large vapor chamber. Thermals are now a significant issue where. Companies like Apple are considering adding a Graphene-based passive cooling system to the next iteration of iPhones.

The S24 Ultra is not Samsung’s first time using a cooling solution. They’ve been using them for a long time and are usually very effective. Thanks to a vapor cooling system, the Galaxy S23 is one of the world’s only compact 6.1″ smartphones with no performance hiccups.

vapor cooling chamber

Since the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 pushes for performance, that naturally generates a lot of heat. Samsung decided to increase the size of its vapor cooling chamber for the S24 Ultra to avoid major performance problems. We can see it in action thanks to a teardown from PBK Reviews on YouTube.

The phone is relatively durable and scores a very appreciable 9/10 in repairability. The S24 Ultra’s vapor chamber is a whopping 1.9X larger than the S23 Ultra’s. It should drastically improve thermal handling. The phone performs well in initial testing rounds with good gaming stability. More importantly, it doesn’t suffer from thermal mismanagement.

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