Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Gets Android 14 with Lineage OS 21

Despite being a long-run durable device, its unfortunate S20 FE users can never have One UI based on Android 14. Still want to enjoy the latest Android version even though the UI update stops!

There is a solution if you never mind what ROM is on the device unless it supports the latest Android version. In such a scenario, LineageOS, an open-source OS, is an alternative. In short, it’s a third-party ROM you get for free! The latest variant, OS 21, is based on Android 14.

As Samsung brand lovers, users always admire the One UI’s timely updates and suit of Android features. However, the device’s longevity faded in a few years, and software support became obsolete. With the expired OS, a few apps might not support your device, which is important in day-to-day work. Moreover, its security could be breached easily.

When we talked about the S series device, it’s the company’s high-end product; one can easily get used to the device and cannot let go. But when its support is gone, you must buy another one for the next few years of OS support. Similarly, the S20 Fan edition is the device that recently lost OS support from Samsung.

9To5Google recently reviewed the latest variant of Lineage OS 21, released in February 2024. And now Lineage OS 21 can support Android 14 features on your obsolete device. With various core differences compared to the predecessor variant, OS 21 has been launched to support Android 14.

Among the range of devices supported by LineageOS, S20 FE 4G and 5G are listed in the build package. However, experts are concerned about the 4G variant with Exynos 990 chipset. Exynos’ earlier SoCs are considered weaker than the Snapdragon Soc. Hence, proceed with caution while ROM upgrades.

Lineage OS 21 gets multiple upgrades with the device navigation and animation. Improved features can be noticed in the preinstalled apps, such as calculators, Cameras, galleries, contacts, messaging, etc. Performance may degrade with the latest Lineage OS update, but overall, it can withstand.

It is worth mentioning that OS 21 is nothing like your OEM OS, which you get used to. There will be nothing like Samsung, even though you will enjoy the latest stable Android 14 update. Most importantly, your phone runs on the latest updates.

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