Breaking: Samsung’s Foldable Tablet “Galaxy Z Tab” will Launch Alongside Galaxy Tab S9 This Year

At CES 2023, we saw many demos (via ZDNet Korea) of Samsung’s foldable concept smartphones. We even saw triple-folding phones and rollable phones. While slab phone innovation is stagnating, foldable phones are picking up pace in the market.

Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 in a couple of months. This year, we’ll also see the Galaxy Tab S9 series. The Tab S8 series is the best Android can offer when it comes to tablets.

There are rumors of the S9 series featuring the 8 Gen 2 SOC and a new design. Also, a record-breaking 120% DCI-P3 AMOLED display for the S9 Ultra. Alongside the usual tablet, there are many rumors online that Samsung will launch a foldable tablet this year.

This information is not confirmed, but according to an exclusive report from Revegnus, a new Samsung foldable tablet called Z Tab is supposed to launch along with the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

The leak also mentions that if it doesn’t launch this year due to quality control concerns or manufacturing gates, it’ll launch along with the set of foldable phones in 2024.

We don’t have much information about the specifications of the Galaxy Z Tab. We can assume it’ll sell for a much higher price than the Tab S8 Ultra since such a large foldable display is difficult to mass manufacture.

Samsung already charges hefty prices for the Z Fold 4. Flexible AMOLED panels with a high refresh rate are expensive to make. The foldable tablet will at least have a 10″ display. This will make it a productivity and multitasking beast.

We can also expect it to have the 8 Gen 2 SOC, with a 120Hz refresh rate and a large battery. This is because large foldable screens consume a lot of power. In 2023 or 2024, it looks like Samsung will directly compete with the foldable iPad, which will launch mostly in 2024.

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