Samsung to Fix Clock Disappearing Bug in One UI 6.1 Update

There’s a bug with the clock of One UI 6. More specifically, Quick Star is problematic. Because of this bug, the clock randomly disappears from the status. If you set it to the middle position, you cannot view the clock anymore. Thankfully, Samsung is aware of this problem. They will roll out a fix for this bug soon.

If you use the Quick Star module, it enables a lot of extra customization. You can find Quick Star with the Goodlock app, which has some of the best customizations ever on a smartphone. With Goodlock, you can completely customize your Quick Settings and change the looks of almost every UI component on your phone. You can also run multiple modules concurrently for a look that’s personalized to you.

Unfortunately, there are bugs with the Quick Star module. The clock randomly disappears, and you get an empty space that looks odd. This is an issue with the module, specifically. People are also hoping for updates to the Lock Star module.

A post from CID on X shows a screenshot of a Samsung community moderator; Samsung will address this bug officially with the One UI 6.1 update, which is coming soon. Samsung has also apologized. We hope Samsung also fixes the burn-in protection bug with One UI 6.1 since even the February patch does not have burn-in protection.

community moderator clock bug

We expect the One UI 6.1 update with AI features to drop for the older S23 series of phones in March. Unfortunately, we’re not sure when Samsung’s tablets will get the updates. The update scheme is not very consistent for Samsung’s tablet series.

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