Samsung May Charge Subscription Fee for AI Features on Galaxy S24

We have bad news for those expecting to use AI on the Galaxy S24 lineup. According to some early leaks, these phones have a pristine focus on AI, and it’s less about specifications.

The S24, otherwise, is a minor update. According to leaks, it’ll get a new, brighter LTPO display and a chip bump. Some regions will get the Exynos 2400 SOC, and others will get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It’s worth noting that both of these have a major focus on AI and language models. Both of them are capable of some text-to-image rendering and generative AI.

The 8 Gen 3’s ISP takes this a step further. It can enhance your photography with better object tracking and autofocus. The chip also has Semantic Segmentation. It can track subjects like skies and trees and even humans in your image and enhance them with AI. It’s capable of doing it in 12 layers, which is more than the 8 Gen 2. It’s unclear whether the Exynos 2400 can do this.

Since Generative AI works on a device, you can use it even without an internet connection. If this AI software is part of the chipset, then Samsung might even advertise the S24 lineup as “AI phones.” Offline AI features are major since even Google doesn’t offer them. The Magic Editor and other such features all require the internet to work since it’s offloading most of its features to the cloud.

According to a new rumor from X, Samsung might lock Generative AI and all the AI features behind a paywall or a subscription service. If they’re actively pursuing offline generative AI, that doesn’t make them any extra revenue.

AI features on the Galaxy S24

This is a common strategy. Once a customer buys the product, the company makes money from the hardware only once. After that, they have to rely on subscriptions or ads to make more money from it. Since they want you to be the product, a subscription service to use AI features is a decent business move, but it’s counterproductive. It doesn’t make sense to advertise your entire phone as an AI phone and then lock it all behind a paywall. It could backfire if very few people subscribe.

Average users are already unfamiliar with the contextual use of Al. If it’s a subscription service, Samsung will face aversion. Some AI features will be free out-of-the-box, and others may require a subscription. Or, they might limit the number of times you can use the AI features for free. We have no information about the subscription tiers and whether it’s monthly or yearly.

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