Samsung to Begin Production of Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 Prototypes in Late 2023 or Early 2024

After the Samsung July unpacked event, folding phone geeks gave feedback on the newly launched Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. Compared to the linear Z Fold 5 version, the Z Flip 5 has a huge attraction this time in the foldable market. With all the negative feedback on its hands, it looks like Samsung Electronics pulled its sleeves up this year to bring all its expertise to build the prototype of the NEXT Foldable generation.

Recently, the development of Samsung’s next Z Flip 6 & Fold 6 news was spotted on X, shared by a Tipster named Connor. According to Tipster, the initial phase of developing the 6th Gen foldable phone prototypes will start by the end of 2023 or Early 2024.

As per the Tipster, the prototypes are yet not confirmed; Samsung is still exploring more design options. Among the testing designs, the successful one that meets the Samsung Standards will lead to the next production phase. In the tweet, the Tipster mentioned the mass production of the successful design will be introduced by May next year.

The recent 5th Gen foldable lineup got the massive screen on the Flip model and improved hinge support; a lot has improved in the battery and chipset area to give an efficient meaning. However, according to rumors, Samsung’s 6th Gen lineup will have some notable design changes. If you believe the leak lab images of the folding design, it shows the taller cover screen, making it more efficient in one-hand usability mode. At the same time, the unfolded version shows a massive display for multitasking.

Another leak in October shows Samsung is working on a massive 50MP sensor development. Although, it is not specified which Gen will get the new sensor. Therefore, it will be too early to assume more from the leaks as the development is in the initial phase.

With the recent leak, there is no doubt that Samsung has a big plan for 2024 to compete with its rivals, Google Pixel and Oppo, in the field of foldable design. Stay tuned for more news on Samsung!

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