Samsung to adopt wider aspect ratio for Galaxy Z Fold 6 outer display

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 might address the primary complaint with the Z Fold 5- the outer design. There’s nothing wrong with the build quality, the hinge, and the water resistance. The Z Fold 5 also has exceptional Quality Control and is the most reliable foldable phone on the market. However, there’s a fundamental complaint with the design of the front of the phone.

In particular, the phone is too narrow and tall when folded. It looks fine after you unfold it, but it’s extremely narrow, and the content gets cut off when it’s closed. This does assist with one-hand use sometimes and helps with the aspect ratio of the inner screen. It still doesn’t help with the aspect ratio of the outer screen, which is the worst one on a foldable phone.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 might change that. The overall form factor of the phone will apparently change, and the outer screen will no longer be tall and narrow. Reports from Ice Universe on X claim that Samsung will move to an aspect ratio similar to the OnePlus Open for the outer screen of the Z Fold 6.

A wider outer screen is a lot more practical. You don’t have to always open the inner screen since content won’t appear weirdly crunched into a smaller space. It’ll feel like using a normal slab phone, even when closed. While it’s not as wide as the photos in the patents, it’s still reasonably wider than the Z Fold 5. The middle frame is apparently similar to the Nubia Z60 Ultra.

Samsung to adopt wider aspect

Samsung is also moving to flat sides for the Z Fold 6. The overall design will resemble their other phones, like the S24 lineup. It has a boxy design with squared-off sides. Rumors also mention an S-Pen inside the phone and a larger battery.

We expect the Z Fold 6 to get some camera upgrades. Some leaks mention a 200MP sensor, but it’s mostly a new 50MP sensor. We hope for the same setup with 3X optical zoom and an under-display front camera.

Samsung is also working on rollable phones and a triple-folding phone. Both of these or at least one, might launch in 2024. They’re also working on a cheaper FE model of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, mostly with cut-down cameras and a worse processor, for a more affordable price.

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