Possible Galaxy Z Flip FE Foldable Phone Could Cost Between $400 and $500

Since the sales figures of slab phones are on a steady decline, Samsung is planning to boost smartphone sales with foldable phones instead. The Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 are performing very well. However, they are very expensive phones. The Flip costs $999, and the Fold is around $1799.

These are very expensive entry points, and it’s out of reach for most average consumers who shop for Galaxy phones. It’s worth mentioning that another notable brand, Motorola, has come up with a Flip style for around $600. That’s a lot more affordable than Samsung’s Flip 4 and 5. To make the entry point lower and drive more foldable sales, Samsung will apparently launch a new foldable phone next year.

We assume it’s a Flip-style foldable phone. There’s very little chance that it’s an open-book style foldable. You have to use nearly three screens, have multiple camera pairs, have a strong and sturdy hinge mechanism, a cooling solution, and a flexible OLED panel with strong resistance. It’s impossible on a budget model, so the upcoming phone is most likely a Flip-style foldable phone that competes with the Motorola Razr.

According to a report from Revegnus on X, Samsung is planning to go very aggressive with the pricing of this upcoming, relatively affordable foldable phone. They could call it the Z Flip FE, or it might have a completely different name. They could price it between $400 and $500, which is extremely aggressive.

affordable foldable

The profit margins for this product are probably extremely thin. They’re trying to get more people into the foldable market. Samsung wants to get a higher number of sales instead of a higher profit per sale. Those satisfied with the experience may buy a more expensive foldable phone later, and this benefits Samsung’s user loyalty.

The only major concerns that remain are durability, and we hope Samsung doesn’t cut costs. We don’t know how they’re achieving this price. It’s probably using weak camera hardware and a weak SOC. The pricing is right alongside the Galaxy A series phones, making it very compelling. It could ship with the Exynos 1380 or a more powerful variant of it; hence, it might compete with the Motorola Razr.

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