Report: One UI 7 to Feature User Interface Elements from One UI 6 Watch

Samsung’s user interface One UI 7 beta program is expected to be released in August 2024. Various other leaks were observed in the internal test build on the Galaxy S24 series. Regarding the user interface, here is another rumor buzzing around.

One UI 7 will have some of the One UI 6 Watch interface architecture. The rumor is spread from an X user, KRO (@kro_roe). As mentioned in the tweet, some UI from One UI 6 Watch is included in One UI 7. However, the extent to which it will be similar was not mentioned. However, this might be a hint about the upcoming One UI.

As we know, One UI 7 skin will be based on Android 15, which is being developed by Google. Notably, Wear OS 5 is also being developed and tested by Google. The X user might have hinted at the point the Android 15 might have copied some of the features from the Wear OS 5 skin.

One UI 6 Watch Beta has been released recently for a few selective Galaxy Watch series like Watch 6, Watch 5, and Watch 4. The beta update program included several AI features. This is prior testing before the next launch of One UI 7 and also the Watch 7 series.

Google’s Wear OS 5 new build was also recently spotted on the internet. What we know so far is that Wear OS 5, and One UI 6 Watch are likely to make their debut in the Watch 7 series.

Samsung will bring improvement to enhance the scrolling frequency in its next watch skin. The AOD sensitivity is expected to improve. It is also rumored to have new gesture control features to answer calls, turn off alarms, and have new double tap features, etc.

Apart from that, the Watch 6 series is extensively marketed for its health-oriented monitoring features. And the recent inclusion to track sleep and analyze sleeping habits is a wonderful feature.

In a similar way, One UI 6 Watch/Wear Os 5 is also expected to have similar improved health-tracking features in the upcoming days. A few reports also suggest including features to measure blood sugar levels in Watch 7, which is highly anticipated in the One UI 6 Watch update.

Overall, the latest leak suggests that a few of the wearable features might be seen in the One UI 7 skin with Android 15 in the coming days. Stay tuned to Saminisder for more interesting news!

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